A Day In The Life Of A Marine Recruiter

19 Jan 2022

A Day In The Life Of A Marine Recruiter

You have worked hard in your military career. You and your family have sacrificed time and shared memories in the dedication of your service to Queen and Country. As you transition from the armed services into civilian life, it is time to consider your next steps in employment. Find the help you need and deserve to make your next career move.

What type of careers are available to you?

SLR Recruitment Solutions is here to help place you in specialized career fields that are suitable to your specific tradesperson training and background. Some of the available fields are engineering, mechanics, ship refit, and shipbuilding, including planning and project management. The list of available opportunities is ever-growing and changing. There is an added benefit in that you will be able to continue in gainful employment doing something you are already proficient in.

Why go into a familiar career field after leaving the marine and armed services?

As a former military member with transferable skills that you learned on the job while serving, you are uniquely positioned to hit the ground running with your background. Having already obtained a security clearance or having the ability and are qualified to resubmit an application should yours have expired, you are an invaluable and sought after resource for employers. Having a security clearance generally comes with being in the armed forces. Employers place a high value on that access and trust.

You have had the opportunity to gain a wealth of experience during your service. Additionally, you have gained tremendous insight into the nuances of leadership and cooperation. You were an asset with proven dedication and perseverance while serving, and that will translate into a civilian career.

How will a recruiter help you find employment?

Sometimes it is difficult to relay your marine or armed services experience to potential employers. You have a sought after knowledge set that you have honed during your time in service. A recruiter knows how to translate and transfer this information to connect with the best position for your future. The staff at the recruitment agency will guide you in crafting a professional CV to best represent the expertise of your military service.

One of the other beneficial aspects of engaging the services of a recruiter is that they will assist you should you choose to go a different route than what your previous armed services career was. Their experts will help transfer your education and competencies into any profession you are looking to explore. There are no limitations.

At times the transition from the known schedule of being a revered armed services member to a regular civilian may be challenging. You can count on the most qualified and caring professionals who will help you find the best job fit in the trades you have experience with or something altogether new. Go to the marine specialist recruitment agency to begin the next chapter in your life. Seek out professional expertise, and remember that you always have help in your corner to achieve your next stage of career success.