Are you looking for your What Next?

30 Jun 2022

Are you looking for your What Next?

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Those who have been through the UK’s Armed Forces know that leaving can be a huge transition. Going from the Armed Forces to civilian careers isn’t the easiest thing to do when you have spent time in the military, but with the right help from the right recruitment agency, resettlement and career transition can be made easier for you. Most people from the military are successful in finding new careers and settling into civilian life quickly once they have left the Armed Forces. The key is to get the right help.

During this transition, there will be important questions that spring to mind. You’ll be thinking about jobs, whether your current military skills are transferrable into civilian trades, what kind of security clearance you might need, and what the new horizons may be. The answers are not always obvious, and it is not the simplest thing to go from military life to regular life – because you already know about the military world. You know what the world is like outside of civilian life, and you know how difficult things could be on the other side of the coin. This often makes resettlement some of the hardest time you will ever have to spend – but that is what we’re here for.

Create Your Goals

Here at SLR Recruit, we encourage you to seek out ex-colleagues and other contacts to help you to understand how you can get the most out of your new civilian career. You can think about your motivations and choices and why you want to do a specific career that you have had in mind since leaving the armed forces. To speed things up for you, it could help to ask yourself some questions. What would you like to do next? How much of your military experience is transferable? Do you have any goals or dreams outside of the military that you would like to pursue? Talking to our experienced and specialist recruiters can help.

Accessing Support

During your transition from the Armed Forces to a civilian career, you need to take the time to remember that this is a big step. Whether it is an informal or formal, personal, or professional question that you ask yourself, don’t fall into the trap that this process is a solo mission. This is one mission you will never have to do alone, we support our candidates with applications, CVs, and warm conversation over the phone.

We collaborate with people every single day who are looking to move from one side of life to the other, and the job market is always interested in taking on military personnel because of the wide range of skills and experience that the military can bring. You already have the qualities that you need for these positions, all you need to do is reach out and ask.

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