BAE Systems awarded £4.2 billion contract to build Royal Navy ships

21 Dec 2022

BAE Systems awarded £4.2 billion contract to build Royal Navy ships

The government continues in its national shipbuilding strategy with the news last month of BAE Systems being awarded the contract to build the second batch of type 26 frigates. The news means a commitment to support 1700 British jobs at BA sites in Govan and Scotstoun Glasgow. It has also been announced that they will invest £1.2 billion in the UK supply chain generating further 2300 jobs through suppliers throughout the UK.

UK government continues ambitious shipbuilding strategy

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said,

“We are investing in our fleet to ensure our own Navy maintains its world-leading capability to protect and defend our nation at sea“.

In the announcement, Wallace went on to say that the design has already proved itself through exports to Australia and Canada which not only provided more UK jobs, it also strengthened relationships with our allies. The type 26 frigates have been conceived with the purpose of antisubmarine warfare and will replace most of the retiring type 23 fleet. BAE Systems Chief Executive Officer Charles Woodburn announced that the contract “secures a critical UK industry and allows us to build on a long history of shipbuilding on the Clyde as we continue to deliver cutting-edge equipment to the Royal Navy into the next decade “

Contract for more support vessels to be built

There is even more positive shipbuilding news as an Anglo-Spanish team has won a competition to build three large support vessels. These ships are destined to be operated by the Royal Fleet auxiliary for the purpose of providing provisions and munitions to new aircraft carriers. Harland and Wolf, British warship designer BMT and Spain’s Navantia have combined to form Team Resolute and will begin construction of the first of the vessels in 2025. The contract worth £1.6 billion will aim to have all three vessels operational by 2032.

SLR at the forefront of marine recruitment

The busy UK shipbuilding sector shows no signs of slowing down and SLR will have close contact with all these projects and provide opportunities and resource in this sector. We chose to specialise in this area of recruitment because of our experience and affinity with the marine and shipping economy. As a city of Portsmouth-based business, most people living and working in the city have a connection to the sea. Portsmouth is a city steeped in maritime history and with Southampton only 20 minutes up the road, Hampshire has a proud shipbuilding and marine-based heritage. From supplying resources to cruise liner refit projects to sending skilled tradespeople to Portsmouth dockyard, SLR knows this area and this sector better than anyone.

Our strategic location on the South Coast and strong relationships with local job seekers mean that we are primed to jump on this positive news from the shipbuilding sector. SLR has supplied skilled candidates into many shipyards around the UK over the years and will be on hand with opportunities for skilled candidates as they are needed to facilitate the government’s ambitious shipbuilding strategy.