Careers for Tradespeople in the Marine and Shipbuilding sector

25 Sep 2023

Careers for Tradespeople in the Marine and Shipbuilding sector

You may have decided you want a new challenge. If you have a qualification or trade and are looking for a change of job, it might just be that the shipbuilding marine sector could provide the next step in your career. Often with tradespeople, they are simply looking for a reliable flow of work. Well, look no further than the shipbuilding and marine refit industry!

Do you have a trade or qualification?

If you are a skilled trade person and have what it takes to put in a shift in a fast-paced environment, then you could be exactly what SLR is looking for. We have a range of clients in shipyards around the UK, either building military ships, crafting other smaller seagoing vessels and the cruise liner industry. The marine sector in the UK is thriving but relies on a flow of exceptional tradespeople. Here are some of the exceptional individuals we need: 

  • Industrial painters. 
  • Marine electricians 
  • Welder fabricators. 
  • Platers. 
  • Mechanical fitters. 
  • Industrial cleaners. 
  • Slingers 
  • Firewatch personnel. 
  • Marine engineers. 
  • Project supervisors. 
  • Project managers 

The saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it takes an army of tradespeople to build ships. It’s not just the numbers that are needed, it’s timing the deployment of that labour at precisely the right stages of the project. The incredible candidates we have on our books at SLR have all the traits that are needed for this growing sector:

Resilience, adaptability, positive attitude, flexibility, and superb work ethic.

A thriving marine industry

The UK has a heritage in the marine industry that stretches back hundreds of years the British Isles aisle surrounded by sea and therefore we have we have built a reputation across the world as a sea-faring nation, and our skill in shipbuilding is sought after around the globe. In a time, when many sectors are experiencing challenges, the marine industry and shipbuilding in the UK, are positively thriving. In terms of our Navy, the UK government has invested billions in a shipbuilding strategy that will span the coming decade. What this means is there is lots of contract work if you are one of the incredible trades that we work with. It might be that you come from a different industry background, but if you have skills and qualifications in your chosen field, you may be able to transfer to one of the most exciting sectors in the job market. 

Shipyards across the UK

Because SLR has worked in this space for many years, we have clients who are chomping at the bit for your skill set. They are based in shipyards from Glasgow to Falmouth and right here in Portsmouth. So, if you think you have what it takes to work in an ever changing fast-paced environment, get in touch with one of the team today. 

Let’s get your CV and details on file and we can start putting you forward for some of the marine projects where our clients need your skills and expertise.