Contract work for industrial painters and blasters

15 Aug 2023

Contract work for industrial painters and blasters

Industrial painters and blasters are incredibly sought-after in the shipbuilding and marine refit sector. It means the candidates we have on our books are never short of work. Add in SLRs strategic location in Portsmouth one of the U.K.’s biggest naval ports, we keep our industrial painters and blasters very busy!

Roles with good rates and digs

The candidates on our books are always keen, enthusiastic, and energetic. We know that they want to rack up as many hours as they can and earn well. We secure the best hourly rates that we can with contracts that have the option to work extra hours with digs thrown in. Everyone on the SLR team builds good relationships with our valued industrial painters and blasters. We provide them with a good flow of work so that they can earn well and have work ready for them with other clients as soon as their contract is up. It’s not just shipbuilding, industrial painters have been involved in projects such as Tower Bridge in London. So, if you happen to be near this London landmark, check out the exceptional work of our guys!

Cruise liner refits

The British Isles has a long history in the maritime industry. We are a seafaring nation, not just our navy, but also the thriving cruise industry in the UK. With thousands of passengers, these ships must be built to meet demand and maintained ongoing. There is a constant flow of cruise liners coming into the dock to be refitted. Located on the south coast, in proximity to the ports of Portsmouth and Southampton, SLR could not be better located to offer a continuous flow of work for our incredible, industrial painters & blasters.

Naval contracts

With a massive injection of cash into the National Shipbuilding Strategy last year, there are plans from the government to transform and reinvigorate British shipbuilding over the next 30 years. It’s an ambitious strategy around naval procurement aimed at ensuring British naval ships secure building contracts from around the globe. It means the shipyards we work with are very busy and need industrial painters.

Our shipbuilding clients

We have relationships with every one of the major shipbuilding ports in the UK such as Glasgow down to Falmouth and Cammell Laird in Merseyside. SLR’s strategic location on the south coast means we’re also in constant contact with Portsmouth Dockyard as well as the busy port in Southampton. The sheer scale of some of the UK’s shipbuilding and marine refit work means our clients need industrial painters on-site in numbers! In uncertain economic times, the marine sector is thriving and if you have this skillset, you will be assured of a flow of work.

Contract work for industrial painters and blasters

If you have the qualifications and skill set, we need, there are always vacancies on our job board. You can also reach out to one of the team to get registered on our books so that we’re ready with more work for you once your current contract ends. SLR values what you do so give us a call today!