Contract work for welder fabricators in the marine sector

08 Sep 2023

Contract work for welder fabricators in the marine sector

Whether building or repairing a ship, welder fabricators in the marine industry carry out an incredibly important job. They build a metal structure that provides the strength to withstand the pressure of the ocean which is no small feat! It can’t be overstated just how important this skilled trade is to the shipbuilding and marine sector.

Contract work for welder fabricators
Shipbuilding requires an enormous team of people as this is a complex piece of engineering.
It requires professionals and skilled tradespeople from across the spectrum of marine industry talent. The integrity of the ship structure, however, is that critical part that gives the strength and shape of the ship. It’s not just the structure however, there are other elements of a ship that a welder fabricator would be required to construct:

  • Hull plates
  • Pipes
  • Frames
  • Tanks
  • Girders

Training and qualifications
In terms of qualifications, our clients look for MIG weld or Arc welding qualifications. Some shipyards have training schools on-site for upskilling individuals who may have come from a different welding fabricating background. It’s not just the qualifications and physical welding that require skill, these incredible tradespeople must also be able to interpret technical drawings to ensure they understand the dimensions and engine’s intention for the structure. The shipyard welder fabricator may also be responsible for ordering materials,
updating a daily welding log, and ensuring the workspaces are clean and functional.

Digs and good rates of pay
At SLR, we know that our hard-working welder fabricators are looking for a steady flow of contract work. Often these individuals will be working in locations around the UK and will need digs thrown in with the contract as they spend time away from their families. The
welder fabricators we have on our books are keen to get stuck in and rack up as many hours as possible. We ensure that we connect them with a variety of shipyards and shipbuilders across the UK, who can give them the hours they want, and good rates of pay with digs
thrown in. It’s not just the network we have, it’s how hard we work to get the contract you want. Once you are in our candidate network, SLR, make sure that you’ve got the opportunity to jump straight into the next contract as soon as your project is done.

SLR’s relationship with established shipyards
SLR is strategically placed on the South Coast in Portsmouth and has quick access to Southampton, two of the country’s busiest ports. We have however built relationships with our clients in shipyards up and down the country such as Glasgow, Barrow-in-Furness,
Falmouth, Belfast, and Camel Laird. Whether it is refitting military ships or cruise ships or welding at the very start of a build, we have stacks of opportunities for welder fabricator candidates in the marine sector.
Check out our job page or give one of our friendly team a call today if you are looking for your next contract.