Do Employers Like Ex-Military Personnel?

27 Jan 2022

Do Employers Like Ex-Military Personnel?

Military service is a unique experience that can be very beneficial for an employer. Having ex-military personnel on the team brings leadership skills, discipline, and a work ethic that can set an example for other employees.

Military service teaches you the importance of teamwork and how to adapt to different scenarios. These skills are coveted by employers. Most ex-military personnel are also skilled in different trades and roles too, which can be great for employers.

Hiring ex-military personnel also reduces hiring costs because these candidates often require less training than other candidates. For example, they often already know how to do their job without much help from their supervisors or managers.

How Military Service Can Prepare Veterans for the Working World

Military service is an experience that most ex-military personnel are proud to have. They are given a sense of purpose and commitment. It provides them with many opportunities for growth and skill development. It’s also great preparation for the working world. Veterans who have military service are often disciplined, hardworking, adaptable, and goal-oriented leaders. These traits can make them excellent employees in the civilian world as well.

Not only that, but working in different trades, having security clearance, being taught to drive all forms of vehicles – this is all desirable to employers.

Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life

Transitioning from a military to a civilian life can be a difficult process for ex-military personnel. Some of them have to face problems such as unemployment or under-employment. These issues are often due to the skills gap that separates the military and civilian world. In order to help veterans transition, it is important for employers as well as the government to provide training opportunities as well as other benefits that will allow them to close this skills gap.

Employers’ Perspective on Veterans in the Workplace

A study has found that the employers’ perspective on ex-military personnel in the workplace is more positive than they are given credit for. The study by Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government revealed that companies are taking advantage of veterans skills and values when they enter the job market. They also found that these businesses are more likely to hire veterans if their company has a veteran in charge.

The researchers interviewed over 8,000 human resources managers, executives, and recruiters from various organisations. They found that 90% of employers believe veterans have valuable skills to offer the company when it comes to leadership, discipline, attention to detail, teamwork, problem solving skills and work ethic.

Conclusion and Takeaways

It’s easy to assume that employers don’t like hiring ex-military personnel because they think that they will not be able to get along with civilians or they lack skills necessary for a civilian position. However, there are plenty of companies who would love to employ veteran workers and recognise their skillset and qualities.

But as jobs in armed forces teach trades, it’s easy to see how things like engineering, mechanics, and so on can be transferable to other roles.