Ensuring your shipbuilding project has the right staff

15 Sep 2022

Ensuring your shipbuilding project has the right staff

There are so many complexities to building oceangoing vessels that they require a huge team with a range of skill sets. Because of the complex nature of constructing ships and boats, these projects require exceptional management. Shipbuilding has so many different elements and milestones that the ability to hit deadlines and source reliable skilled tradespeople at the right time is critical. With huge advances in technology in recent years, is there scope to use this in marine projects or is it people that push projects on?

Digitalisation and technology in the marine sector

There is no question in the last decade particularly that digitalisation has transformed the world. With incredible technology now able to cut processing time and improve productivity in many industrial sectors, how is it being utilised when it comes to shipbuilding? Despite being adopted in manufacturing and many other sectors, change seems slower in coming to the maritime industry. One area where the use of data and technology can be beneficial in shipbuilding is the conceptual stage of ship design. If from the start, all parts of the project could use technology to share data in a centralised location, there is also an opportunity to improve communication and efficiency.

Shipbuilding will always need people

Technology however in no way negates the need for people in shipbuilding and the benefits are that technology carries out a function that allows individuals to “focus on other tasks.” Therefore, technology and AI will aid innovation and drive progress around the design and management of the project, but it is still critical that once in the construction and execution stage, the right skilled people can be deployed at the appropriate stage. Advances in technology therefore will also enable project coordinators to have visibility on all elements of the project and to communicate with different professionals and project leads.

Ensuring your shipbuilding project has the right staff

As we have established this is a complex world with many moving parts and therefore requires an understanding of the resource needed for this market. SLR Marine Recruit has carved out its niche in providing staff for the marine sector because we understand the demands on timescales and budgets. Because we only work in this sector, we understand the different trades that are needed and when they will be needed at the right stage of the project. We spent a great deal of time building and nurturing our community of candidates through our contact with ex-services individuals who are perfectly matched to deliver with the skills and experience they have gleaned throughout their service.

Because we are marine industry specialists working with partners in shipyards across the UK, we are fully aware of the scale of some of our projects and the need to deploy multiple new starters at the same time. We have also built a network of individuals that have the skills needed whichever stage the project is at meaning our clients only need to come to one place to find all the key people they need.