Finding skilled labour for shipbuilding projects

01 Jun 2023

Finding skilled labour for shipbuilding projects

From Production Managers to Project Directors, there are so many elements to building a ship that requires lots of Individuals directing shipbuilding projects and a whole raft of skilled trades needed to ensure it is fulfilled. There is no question that due to the sheer scale of shipbuilding, the labour needs in this marine sector are complex. That said it is exceptionally exciting with no two days, the same, and the SLR teamthrive on ensuring they support operation, directors, and contract managers with the skilled labour they need.

Managing peaks & troughs in workload

Aside from requiring multiple trades on a shipbuilding project, it’s a unique sector in that there will always be peaks and troughs in terms of workload and skill demand. Ensuring these projects remain profitable means being able to rely on the flow of tradespeople. It’s not just about access to skilled trades, it needs to be a workforce that is flexible so that it can be deployed when there is an exceptionally busy stage and then tapered off as that element is fulfilled. Unless you have worked in shipbuilding recruitment, it would be difficult for a non-specialist recruiter to facilitate these ups and downs. It requires access to the right people with the right experience and tradespeople that are used to contract work.

On-time and within budget

We want our clients to have the confidence to go after every project knowing we have the people to deliver it. We specialise in the marine and shipbuilding sector because we understand it’s an exciting growth sector. We recognise however that ensuring productivity and meeting deadlines is totally dependent on having the right skilled labour on site when it’s needed. All shipbuilding projects have specific key milestones and deadlines that must be met to ensure success.

Staying on time and within budget is possible with a reliable flow of skilled Labour.

Partnering with UK shipbuilders

We are incredibly lucky to have forged partnerships with multiple shipbuilders over the years and are proud to have supported some of the most interesting and exciting projects, such as Queen Elizabeth and the D-Day landing craft right here in Portsmouth. Here are some of the other ports and shipyards we have sent skilled Labour to:

  • Cammell Laird
  • Falmouth
  • Belfast
  • Glasgow
  • Barrow in Furness
  • Southampton

SLR is strategically placed on the south coast, here in Portsmouth, a city that is steeped in maritime history and has a long relationship with the sea. It also means we are on hand for new projects right here in Portsmouth Dockyard as well as our partners in Gosport and Portchester. It often means we can also access ex-services personnel who are leaving the armed forces and often carry security clearance. This is advantageous when working on sensitive shipbuilding projects and we are proud to offer these time-served individuals career options as they transition to civilian work.

Need skilled tradespeople quickly for your shipbuilding project? Call the SLR team today and let us support you.