Flexible shipyard skilled labour to manage peaks

22 Aug 2023

Flexible shipyard skilled labour to manage peaks

We know that demand in shipbuilding changes with the tide and you need a workforce that meets those shifts. If you are a Project Manager or Production Director in a busy shipyard, the key to staying on track with projects is having labour that can be adjusted up and down to match peaks and troughs depending on the phase that you’re in. People are a cost and being able to have access to skilled trades to manage peaks is essential.

Hit project deadlines and win more work

It’s important for us that our clients can complete their projects on time and within budget, but we also want them to continue growing and winning more business. This means having the confidence that whether you are working on an existing project or bidding for a new contract, you know you can draw upon the trades that you need. Meeting deadlines and milestones is only possible with a reliable flow of labour and that is what SLR does for its clients. Our candidate network is used to contract work, they know it’s only for the duration of a project before they move on to the next one.

Skilled labour onsite to match demand

Our clients need a reliable flow of bodies on site to ensure they can keep to schedule with delivering projects. What they don’t need is the potential people problems that come with managing resources. Fortunately, we’ve worked with clients in the marine sector for so long now, we can absolutely match the rise and fall in labour needs. The network of candidates we have such as Industrial Painters, Welder Fabricators, Mechanical Fitters and Marine Electricians can be called in at exactly the right stage of the project.

Helping with payroll and people admin

But it’s not just a supply of candidates, it’s the next level of support that SLR give our clients that really helps them. On top of managing a shipbuilding project or refit, who wants the day-to-day HR hassle and admin that comes with payroll? As well as dealing with all the contracts, we also handle the payroll for the trades.

Instead of a complex payroll system, all you have at the end of the month is one simple invoice and complete management and HR hassle of labour taken away.”

Flexible shipyard skilled labour to manage peaks

The shipbuilding and marine refit sectors are unique. Because the work is project-driven, there will always be peak stages that require lots of skilled labour on site quickly. Without a reliable flow of tradespeople, we know our clients simply cannot ensure the projects will create revenue. In the same way that there are peak periods of demand, inevitably workload tails off and we know our clients need a workforce that matches this pattern. Specialising in the marine refit and shipbuilding sector enables SLR to build a network of candidates that can meet the ebb and flow that comes with the need for skilled trades.

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