Happy new year from the SLR team

05 Jan 2023

Happy new year from the SLR team

And just like that it’s 2023! The alarm clock this week has been as much of a shock to the system to the SLR team as it has for all of you. Good things can’t last forever however and whilst we all loved the festive break, packing the children back off to school and having some routine and structure is a welcome return. We all start the year with a clean slate and blank planners and a sense of intent and anticipation for what is ahead.

In our last blog of the year, we looked ahead to many of the events and exhibitions that we are planning this year. That got us thinking:

What do we want MORE of this year at SLR?

We often start our years with resolutions that we intend to keep but this can set us up for failure. Resolutions are frequently about cutting out things from our lives but this year we thought we would set a different intention.

More opportunities to support our city and community

We were blessed last year to strengthen our ties with businesses and individuals within the city of Portsmouth who are committed to improving the lives of people living and working in Portsmouth such as the team at Shaping Portsmouth and the efforts of The Grateful Hearts Club. We fully intend to expand and build on these relationships in 2023.

More chances to network with others in the shipbuilding industry

Last week year we attended Seawork in Southampton and are looking forward to holding space once again this summer at this important networking event on the South Coast. The SLR team gained so much from all the exhibitions and events they attended in 2022 so we’re looking forward to improving on that this year!

More candidates that carry security clearance

We talk so much about security clearance in our blog content and posts because it really is a huge advantage for our candidates. So much of the project work in the shipbuilding industry requires security clearance due to the sensitive nature of projects. Time-served marine and industrial tradespeople understand discretion so we would like lots more that carry security clearance.

More fantastic clients who provide a positive candidate experience

We shone a spotlight last month on one of our brilliant clients, Tamar Crossings because they are a great example of superb communication and timely feedback. We are lucky to have shipbuilding clients that understand the importance of positive candidate experience but are hoping for many more this year who are invested in their people.

More team development and training

There is no I in team and that is 100% true of the superb group of individuals we have supporting our clients and candidates. That is why our director Sarah Roads is committed to investing in the talent of the SLR team in 2023.

More outreach with our armed forces in the city of Portsmouth

We were fortunate last year to meet incredible people of Aggie Weston’s to hear about the work they do to support the armed forces and their families. We look forward to strengthening connections to other organisations that help service people and ex-forces.