How can I be successful after the military?

01 Mar 2022

How can I be successful after the military?

Transitioning from military life to civilian life is a significant event that requires skill, control, and knowledge. Chances are you will need to re-orientate yourself and find a new line of work such as mechanics or engineering. Here’s what you need to know to be successful sooner than you thought possible, it includes networking, courses, military contacts and a growth mindset.

Embrace Networking

Civilian life is full of networking, and in the digital age, it’s even more important to connect with industry members and make sure people know the skills and qualities that you can offer. The good news is you have plenty of those coming from a military background; they are sought after.

There’s is never a bad time to begin networking; even if you don’t begin your transition for another six months, it’s still an excellent time to start. Write down five industries you would like to work in, then pare this down to one; this is the industry you need to network in right away.

Start Courses

Courses and study groups are an excellent way to re-train yourself for life outside the military. Although you have many transferrable skills from your time in the armed forces, you might find that these approaches need to be adapted for success on the outside, like interview techniques.

Courses are a way of educating yourself further in your chosen field, but study groups can be useful for practising interview techniques and refining your process of job acquisition. Once again, you don’t have to wait until you’re fully discharged before you start making changes.

A Growth Mindset

As a military person, you will be used to challenging yourself and putting yourself into uncomfortable situations, so remember this when you encounter new challenges outside the military. This might be difficult at first because your military training seems less relevant.

A growth mindset is all about using difficult and challenging situations to develop and change. If you are confronted with public speaking, for instance, will you avoid it or use it as a chance to gain experience no matter how awkward it feels at first. A growth mindset is a route to success.

Find Success Models

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to transitioning from the military, many of your peers have made the switch before you, and you can learn from them. If you want to find success outside the military sooner rather than later, then talk to some ex-military people.

When you talk to these ex-military people, ask them about the biggest challenges they are facing in civilian life and how they overcame those difficulties. Remember, not everyone will have the same challenges, but the more you know, the more resources you have to respond.

Stay Flexible

It’s important to be flexible when you enter life outside the military, but be careful that you don’t bounce from one opportunity to another. Keep your options open, but remember to stay focused; staying focused can help proliferate ideas you wouldn’t otherwise encounter.