How hard is it to transition from military to civilian work

08 Sep 2022

How hard is it to transition from military to civilian work

There is a big difference between military service and working in civilian trades so how do you transition successfully into a civilian career? Most people in the armed forces will eventually move on and start work in the civilian world which is very distinct from a military career. If you have served in the armed forces for a long period of time, then this will be a transition that you will need to prepare for and ensure you have support. There are many adjustments to be made potentially including moving house, geographical location as well as changing careers. There is no question, it’s a lot.

Fortunately, there is support both inside and outside of the armed forces for many of these challenges. Civilian organisations and military channels have opened and connected so that they can signpost service leavers to the help they might need as they make this change. Here are some of those organisations:

– Career Transition Partnership
– CTP future horizons
– The MOD service leavers guide
– Veterans UK

Aggie Weston’s

These organisations have the experience and skills to understand the emotions and fears of individuals who have spent their lives serving in the armed forces. They also know how this impacts the family as a whole and can direct anyone using their services to other relevant organisations that can help with the transition for the whole family.


Finding work after serving
It really can feel overwhelming to be confronted with needing to earn money but not necessarily feeling ready for the application and interview process in a civilian job market. Ex-services however are extremely sought-after, especially in the shipbuilding industry. Let’s look at some of the transferable skills that will enable ex-forces to thrive in the shipbuilding industry:

  • The ability to deliver under pressure
  • Respect health and safety protocols and procedures
  • Experience repairing and modifying ships
  • Strong communication skills
  • The ability to multitask
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • You are motivated and driven
  • Experience in working with teams to complete tasks on time

That skillset and experience is precisely why shipbuilders actively look for military service leavers to deliver their projects.

Specialist recruiters for ex-forces

When it comes to working, fortunately, there are specialised recruitment agencies such as SLR Marine Recruit who actively seek ex- services due to the transferable skills they possess. The marine industry is fast-paced and growing all the time. Shipbuilders actively look for the experience and skills that ex-services have because they know they can rely on them to deliver on their projects. At SLR we know exactly how to help you market yourself and manage the transition from the armed forces into a brand-new civilian opportunity.

We know you will be feeling overwhelmed and unsure which is why we support you every step of the way and provide a means of accessing a whole new job market that recognises your skillset. From CVs to application forms and maintaining your security clearance, the SLR team is on hand to make your transition into civilian work as smooth as possible.