How SLR helps ex services succeed in civilian careers

19 Apr 2022

How SLR helps ex services succeed in civilian careers

Navigating the civilian world is tough for services leavers. The resettlement and the career transition can feel so overwhelming and downright confusing. If you take a good look at the job market, you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of job search websites. You’ll hear so much advice like “just network”, “use LinkedIn”, “go back to school”, and plenty of other unsolicited advice. While it may feel as if there is no clear path for ex services, the answer is in fact a specific agency who deals with marine recruitment providing the ship building industry with service leavers who meet their specific needs.

What is a recruiter? What do they do?

A recruiter is a person who helps employers find the right people to hire for their organisation. They are hired by companies to find job candidates, create job descriptions, and manage the hiring process. A good recruiter can help you secure a new job or a promotion at your current company. Recruiters are one of the most important tools when it comes to finding a job.

They help civilians get their foot in the door with companies and provide them with opportunities that they might not have found on their own. A marine recruitment agency such as SLR has been proven to be perfect for ex-military who are transitioning into the civilian world.

How recruiters can help you find your way after service

After the services, it can be difficult to find your way into the workforce. With the help of recruiters, you can get a second chance to enter the workforce and search for your next job. Recruiters are not just looking for new employees. They also provide career advice and support you in finding your way back into the workforce after a service. If you are looking for a job after military service, recruiters can help you find an employer with similar values as yours or who is willing to hire veterans.

They will match up your skills with something that’s needed out on the market such as trades like mechanics, engineering, ship refit, and even jobs that need a security clearance. While a specific recruiter like SLR can be supportive and helpful, the rest is up to you. While you can submit your cv to them, it’s important to know that it takes a lot of time and effort for them to help find the right job for you.

How does marine recruiters such as SLR help ex-military succeed in civilian careers?

As the military industry is growing, so is the number of veterans who are looking for civilian careers. Recruiters such as SLR help ex-military succeed in their careers through understanding their transferable skills and putting them forward for the right opportunities. They also make sure that their candidates have a better chance of getting hired because they have a range of networks, contacts, and resources to help them land that job.

While a marine recruiter may not be the secret formula for getting a civilian job after service, they can be a key component in helping you in achieving a solid career after military life.