How SLR helps the shipbuilding sector

29 Mar 2022

How SLR helps the shipbuilding sector

The United Kingdom has a long history as a naval country, and one that has backed seafaring exploration and commerce. Its reputation precedes it as a home to historic and modern shipyards that have been involved in the construction of some of the most famous seagoing vessels ever to take to the water. As an island nation, shipbuilding will always be of interest to this country – and will always be an industry which offers employment opportunities.

SLR is a recruitment agency which has a close relationship with the shipbuilding sector, having close links to projects from fresh new builds to ship refits, and we understand the sector like few others can. Our interest and involvement in the British shipbuilding industry means we know what employers in the sector are looking for, and where to find the ideal people for the jobs on offer.

A close relationship with naval veterans

SLR is a recruiter with a particular interest in finding rewarding employment for armed forces veterans and services leavers, especially those who have recent service in the Navy under their belt. By keeping this close relationship with naval veterans, we have the knowledge to place people with a real understanding of what a ship needs to offer. Just as importantly, we have access to a field of keen potential recruits who are, in many cases, already in possession of the security clearance that is needed for key shipbuilding contracts.

Hard-earned experience placing new recruits

Shipbuilding is a complicated business, and a large-scale one. Jobs in a shipyard can be demanding, both in a physical and a mental sense. It’s not a sector that just anyone can find a job in. And if they do find a job, it’s not one that new recruits can afford to be below-par in. SLR is dedicated to finding candidates with skills in the relevant areas, including engineering and mechanics, so when we place a new recruit in a shipbuilding vacancy, the employer can be sure that they are getting someone who has been vetted for the role.

Ability to provide recruits according to a brief

With years of experience placing recruits in the shipbuilding business, SLR has developed working practices that make us ideal for any recruitment project in the sector. We will meet with employers to hear what their specific needs are for a project, and then we will turn to finding the right people to fill those needs. When a company comes to us with a project that has square holes, we will provide square pegs to fit into them. It’s a tried and tested process that puts the most suitable candidates into roles to suit them – and it gets results.

Shipyards need the right staff to fit into an important job. Former naval professionals are looking for a career transition that makes use of their skills. At SLR, our experience of bringing the two together is something of which we are justifiably proud.