How SLR supports the city of Portsmouth

11 Dec 2022

How SLR supports the city of Portsmouth

Behind the recruiting side of SLR has always been a commitment and passion for the city and people of Portsmouth. We talked about the importance of our local community back in the summer this is an ethos and energy we wish to continue into 2023. Our director Sarah Roads feels very strongly that a business should provide service but underpinning that must always be the city of Portsmouth as a whole. Let’s look at some of the community projects and efforts we will be supporting in 2023.

To coincide with International Women’s Day, SLR is proud to support the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth awards. This will take place on Friday the 10th of March 2023 at the Portsmouth Guildhall. This is an opportunity to celebrate the women and girls in the city who make a positive impact on the community. Role models are an incredibly important part of inspiring young girls to make choices and SLR wanted to be a part of this important event to acknowledge inspirational women.

Art and gratitude in the community

One of the most important efforts within the community to improve the lives of our young people is facilitated by The Grateful Hearts Club. Through the efforts of its founder Charla Grant and her incredible team, there have been events in the community and schools to help young people feel better about themselves. With the fallout of lockdown and the pandemic still being felt in our children, Charla has put together an initiative called Rise and Shine.

Charla and her colleagues visited schools to share a message of mindfulness and gratitude encouraging the children to move, breathe and think in a way that positively begins the day and aids the mental health of our young people. In assemblies, The Grateful Hearts Club team encouraged the children to rise and stand tall like sunflowers reaching for the light. This is part of giving children strategies that help them support their mental health and well-being. This work has expanded into the Grateful Arts Club and SLR was proud to support them at community events this year. We plan to continue supporting this brilliant work into 2023.

Thinking schools

The Thinking Schools Trust is a family of schools whose goal is to nurture children and improve the life chances of young people. At the centre of the academy is the aim to transform the lives of children enabling them to be confident and independent. Our director Sarah sits on the board of this trust and will continue to support its efforts into 2023.

Key Points for the Trust

  • Child first: To provide a stimulating learning environment for all where learners feel safe to explore knowledge and understanding.
  • Aspire: To be the best they can be. We believe that all staff and pupils can aspire for personal and professional prowess and become empowered through the Thinking philosophy.
  • Challenge: To actively shape the minds, attitudes and habits of young people through a framework of cognitive education that enables them to become the master of their destinies. Developing skilled, independent, reflective learners is part of our Vision.
  • Achieve:  We want our pupils to be questioning in nature, achieving the highest levels of independent and interdependent prowess.

The team at SLR look forward to contributing to growth and change in Portsmouth in 2023. Happy new year!