How to find the right skilled tradespeople for your shipbuilding project

26 Jun 2023

How to find the right skilled tradespeople for your shipbuilding project

You’ve hit the point in your shipbuilding project where you need a range of skilled tradespeople on site.

How are you going to get them on site quickly so that there are no project delays?

A specific marine recruiter who understands the demands of the shipbuilding world is the only way to get people on-site when needed. The team at SLR know exactly how to access candidates with the right experience to keep your project on track. So how do we do this?

A network of skilled shipbuilding candidates 

Shipbuilding projects take place on a massive scale, and they need various skilled trades such as:

  • Industrial cleaners.
  • Marine electricians
  • Mechanical fitters.
  • Industrial painter blasters
  • Platers
  • Welder Fabricators
  • Slingers

Whilst not all these trades are unique to the shipbuilding industry, the marine sector is certainly distinct.

In terms of the scale of the work that these tradespeople will need to carry out, a shipyard is an environment like no other and having a marine recruiter that can quickly access skilled tradespeople who understand the demands of shipbuilding is essential. Relationships and networks are built up over a period, and SLR has over six years in this shipbuilding sector which has enabled us to build strong relationships with candidates who return time and again once the contracts are finished.

Finding the right skilled people, who often also carry the required security clearance for your shipbuilding project depends upon you being able to access the appropriate resource at the key point of your project.

How to find the right skilled tradespeople for your shipbuilding project

Aside from being able to quickly pick up the phone and access skilled tradespeople, you need a relationship with a recruiter that can provide you with exactly what you need.

  • A vast network of skilled candidates
  • A reliable marine recruiter with the right contacts.
  • A partnership and relationship built on mutual understanding.


Helping project and contract managers

Because the SLR team have spent so many years speaking to and meeting with shipyard project and contract managers, we have grown to understand what we need to do to be ready to meet their demands. The marine sector has natural peaks and troughs in labour needs which means the managers require a flexible labour solution to stay on time and within budget.

Beyond supplying skilled tradespeople, the SLR team want our clients to know they can go after every project and have the people that can deliver it. Every single ship-building project has specific key milestones and deadlines that must be met. Success is dependent on getting the right skilled people on site exactly when it’s needed.

Yes, it can be frenetic and stressful at times, but shipbuilding is an exciting growing sector and every single one of the SLR team thrive on its energy and passion!

The skilled tradespeople we have in our SLR network are not only familiar with working in shipbuilding, but they also adapt quickly to contract work and know this is the nature of working in shipyards.