How To Gain Security Clearance For Work And How To Keep It

03 Feb 2022

How To Gain Security Clearance For Work And How To Keep It

If you wish to get specific jobs within the marine sector, security clearance is something you’ll need. For example, you’ll need security clearance if you want to apply for military jobs or positions offered by specific government departments.

As you can appreciate, there are specific processes you need to follow before you can gain the required security clearance, even for roles such as in engineering. The following explains how you can gain security clearance for work – and how to keep it:

Why You Need Security Clearance

If you’re looking for work within the maritime industry, such as working on ship refit projects or as part of a team of naval mechanics, or even other trades, you’ll likely come across roles that demand you have the proper security clearance.

Why is it so important to have security clearance for such jobs? When specific government bodies or firms that work for the government are on a recruitment drive, they must verify all candidates don’t pose any security threats and can be trusted with sensitive property.

You Want To Work For The MoD Or Armed Forces

The MoD (Ministry of Defence) and armed forces are arguably one of the best public sector employers to work for. You could get a marine job working in the UK, or you might get posted abroad – the latter could be perfect if you enjoy travelling overseas.

For many MoD and armed forces roles, you will need to have the appropriate security clearance before continuing with your job application or progressing further in your new role.

You Want To Work For Private Sector Firms That Are Government Contractors

As you can imagine, there are many private sector companies that act as contractors to the government. For example, some firms might offer engineering or support services to government departments.

Security clearance is a necessity when working with such private sector businesses. Without it, you will not be allowed to work on government projects or sites.

Applying For Security Clearance

By now, you will undoubtedly understand the importance of having security clearance when applying for marine or maritime jobs – especially in the public sector. But, how can you apply for security clearance?

The short answer is: you can’t. Instead, your prospective employer needs to apply on your behalf. There are several security clearance levels, depending on the types of projects or organisations you’ll be working for.

When your new employer requests security clearance for you, one of several government agencies will conduct background checks on your employer’s behalf. If successful, you will get granted the security clearance you need to work.

How To Keep Your Security Clearance

Lastly, when you get granted security clearance, it’s important to note that it does not last forever. Security clearance may last for as long as the project you’re working on, or it could last between five and ten years.

In any event, your employer will review your security clearance and check if anything may affect your security clearance getting extended.

For instance, you must notify the government of any changes to your personal or financial circumstances, such as getting married or getting declared bankrupt.