How we connect skilled tradespeople to opportunity

13 Sep 2022

How we connect skilled tradespeople to opportunity

The benefits of using a marine-specific recruitment agency are that we have specialist knowledge of both the shipbuilding sector and the unique skill set and experience that our candidates have. Our goal at SLR is to connect time-served marine and industrial tradespeople to employers in the shipbuilding and refit business around the UK. We are strategically placed on the south coast and have built relationships with national shipyards to provide them with the skilled tradespeople they need for the marine industry.

Opportunity for ex-forces

We recognise that service in the armed forces has equipped our candidates with a wealth of skills and experience plus security clearance that the marine and shipbuilding industries in the UK need. Leaving the military can seem daunting but we open the doors to opportunities in the civilian workforce that will leave our candidates feeling valued and useful. SLR understands where the career opportunities are for ex-forces, so we don’t put our candidates in front of employers unless their skill set is perfectly matched to the client’s needs.

Building a joined-up strategy

We work hard to connect the right candidate to our clients. Utilising our unique database of thousands of active and passive candidates internationally, our consultants work with our clients to build a trusted recruitment relationship, giving them the ability to fulfil their projects. Our candidates reap the benefit of a marine recruitment agency that has been built with their specific skill sets and needs in mind. Ourclients know that we have spent time building relationships and outreach through channels of communication with well-qualified trades suited to shipbuilding. This broad network means that we can put the right candidates in front of you and ensure you have a steady stream of qualified tradespeople that allows you to deliver your projects on time and on budget.


Why SLR Marine Recruit

If you are looking for a job on a shipbuilding project then you can do this on your own and look for positions but when you use a marine-specific agency like SLR, you reap the following benefits:

  • Knowledge & understanding of the marine industry
  • Experience in dealing with shipbuilders
  • Proactively flagging up positions that are not advertised
  • An overview of UK shipyards and upcoming projects
  • Longstanding relationships with shipbuilders

Because we have spent years working alongside the biggest shipbuilders in the UK, we have a view of the whole picture and know when resources will need to be deployed on multiple projects. We have spent time developing these relationships so that our candidates won’t have to wait for positions to be advertised. The shipbuilding sector is an exciting growth industry in which the government has pledged a significant investment, and we are proud to be providing resources and connecting skilled tradespeople to these opportunities.

It’s not just the opportunities right now, at SLR we have a whole picture of what’s planned in the UK shipbuilding market for many months ahead. This means not only do we connect you to jobs now, but we also keep you on our radar for work in the future.