How we help ex services start their civilian career

10 Feb 2022

How we help ex services start their civilian career

We know that finding a job after leaving the Armed Forces can be difficult. Many people who work in the armed forces have spent their whole working lives – or a great portion of their working lives – training to work in specific roles that may not have many transferable skills or relevancy to civilian careers. But not everyone leaves the armed forces and enters retirement. There are countless reasons that people might leave the armed forces before retirement age, ranging from family commitments to wanting to move onto different things, and you may find that when you leave the armed forces, you need to find a civilian job to support yourself and your family. If you find yourself in this situation, you’re not alone. It is estimated that there are roughly one million working age veterans currently living in the UK. We are also aware that unemployment rates for working age veterans are higher than for civilians. We work to support marine veterans in their search for a new job, helping them to find long-term unemployment so that they can provide a stable and comfortable life for themselves and their families.

What We Do

Here at SLR, we specialise in finding roles for ex-services in the UK’s marine industry. We focus on this one field so that we can dedicate our time to getting to know the individual needs of people leaving the forces, their skill sets and the types of roles that are best suited to their needs and individual preferences. This helps us to ensure that all candidates see and feel that they are truly valued.

We know that the UK has a rich history of shipbuilding and a thriving marine industry. There are countless employment opportunities in this sector and ex-marines tend to be a brilliant fit for many of the roles that are on offer, thanks to their experience, training and skill sets. We help to match marine candidates to roles ranging from naval shipping to the cruise industry, confident in the fact that there are so many great opportunities and positions within shipbuilding and ship refits throughout the country. We also know that the shipbuilding industry tends to be a good, stable option for ex-forces looking for consistent and reliable employment. The industry has continued to thrive, even during times of uncertainty. These roles also tend to come hand in hand with an exciting, varied and busy environment with endless opportunity for progression.

How We Help

To help candidates find work, we ensure that our consultants’ approach is hands-on. When you get in touch with us, looking for work, we will work with you to understand your employment requirements and preferences as well as your working capabilities. This will help us to understand what type of roles you’d be interested in applying for and can ensure that we put you forward for positions that tick your boxes. As well as finding roles that could suit you, we will also guide you through the application process for positions that you’re interested in, providing ongoing support from job hunt to employment.