How we help shipbuilders hit key project milestones

09 May 2023

How we help shipbuilders hit key project milestones

From Cammell Laird to Portsmouth, we have supported our shipbuilding clients, ensuring their projects stay on time and budget year after year. This is why Project and Contract managers come to us at key stages of the build because they know we have the experience and network to get labour on site when they need it.

We know our clients in the shipbuilding sector need to ensure productivity and continual workflow by having skilled trades in place at the right time. It’s about developing a relationship built on trust so that everyone leading a complex shipbuilding project can have complete faith in a specialist marine recruiter who understands how critical each stage of the build is.

With years of experience dealing with shipbuilders, the SLR team have learned how each stage of a shipbuilding project feeds into the other and the importance of calling in skilled trades exactly when they are required.

Rapid response times

For the SLR team, this doesn’t just mean we react to our client’s emails and messages quickly, it also means how fast we source the labour you need. We know you need a clear timeline of when to expect trades and the entire team continually communicates and update every step of the way.

Skilled candidates easily accessed

From Contract Managers to Production Directors, the only way you can have confidence that you will continue to hit project deadlines is by having a relationship with a reliable shipbuilding recruiter. Only a recruitment business that has built a network of trades for the marine sector can access skilled candidates when you need them.

We know delays in skilled resources hold up projects.

Understanding peaks and troughs

Every single member of the SLR team knows that shipbuilding projects go up and down, depending on what stage they are at. We support Project Managers by having an innate understanding of the sector which means we can react to labour requirements so that they match the stage of the project.

  • Strong communication
  • Understanding of the sector
  • Experience in shipbuilding resourcing
  • Skilled established network of candidates
  • Total transparency
  • Deadlines met
  • Key milestones hit

From Falmouth to Belfast and right up to Glasgow, there isn’t a shipyard in the UK that we haven’t supplied skilled tradespeople to. It gives us years of insight and experience in supporting our shipbuilding clients and developing those relationships so that they have complete faith in us to supply the resource they need at exactly the right stage of their projects.

How we help shipbuilders hit key project milestones

Hitting project milestones for Project Managers doesn’t just help them complete projects on time, a reliable flow of skilled trades gives them the confidence to bid for other upcoming work. We want our clients to feel supported every step of the way by a marine recruiter that delivers the right people at the right time. This helps the shipbuilders we work with grow and strengthen their position in this exciting sector.

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