Industrial cleaner: a path to progression in the marine sector

22 Nov 2022

Industrial cleaner: a path to progression in the marine sector

A job that requires no experience? It almost sounds too good to be true but working as an industrial cleaner in the shipbuilding sector is really about the characteristics of the individual rather than a skill set or experience. In this blog, we will set out what it takes to be an industrial cleaner and how it could be just the start of your career in the marine sector.

Industrial cleaning is a relatively new role in the shipbuilding sector but it’s an extremely important one in our busy UK shipyards. Building ships creates a large amount of dirt and waste and therefore commercial cleaning requires a thorough and consistent approach. Industrial cleaning can involve cleaning enormous, complex structures with lots of different small areas where dirt mould and dust need to be eliminated.

Who are we looking for?

It’s so difficult to find a job that you don’t need any previous experience in. You haven’t got any specific qualifications, but you know you have a lot to give. Working is a large part of a large team in the dockyard you’ll be cleaning but not just any cleaning, industrial cleaning on a large scale.

Turning up to a big ship won’t intimidate you.

From cleaning inside funnels to climbing up and down the gangways of large ships including prestigious aircraft carriers. I would look away now if heights aren’t for you! The benefits? You’ll have guaranteed hours and financial security with a regular income. After all, the marine industry proved pandemic-proof and we will always need our ships. What’s even better? You’ll gain qualifications and certifications instantly. Starting with basic security clearance, confines space MEWP licences (driving a forklift) and many more.

We need strong characters

The role of an industrial cleaner could mean working at heights, cleaning difficult areas, and handling chemicals. This means the right individual must have a can-do attitude and the resilience needed to meet health and safety requirements. The right individual must be ready to try different techniques and innovative ways to problem-solve. It’s these character traits and true grit that mark out industrial cleaners. Those workers that throw themselves in wholeheartedly and show an exceptional attitude to the work tend to stand out in the shipyard. Because their work is so vital in moving these projects forward and they encounter various other trades through their work, those individuals that shine get noticed. It can lead to other opportunities within the shipyard as our industrial cleaners build relationships and contribute to a positive working spirit. Being an industrial cleaner, therefore, is a unique chance to join a busy sector without any experience and learn a huge amount about this thriving shipbuilding industry.

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