Is security clearance an asset in job hunting – your questions answered

20 Sep 2022

Is security clearance an asset in job hunting – your questions answered

Individuals that have served at a certain level in the military may have held security clearance. This would have been a necessary part of their military role but often service leavers don’t realise that it is an asset when leaving the Armed Forces and transitioning into a civilian career. When working with sensitive material, individuals with access will need a security clearance. This can be relevant within many government organisations, and this is essentially a thorough vetting process. These levels of security clearance are generally seen in the armed forces, but what service leavers probably don’t realise is that it’s used in other areas such as the marine sector and has real value in the job market.

Security clearance in civilian work

It may not be obvious how security clearance is applicable in the civilian job market. If you are about to leave the military and start a civilian career or you were looking at the shipbuilding sector as the next part of your career path, we thought we’d answer some of the most common questions about security clearance and its value when job hunting.

Can you disclose security clearance?

The Cabinet Office and MOD policy state that individuals should not publicise the level of security clearance they hold. It is permissible however to state that they are cleared to a high government standard. That is enough to flag up that they have a level of clearance without specifying what daddies

Do employers want security-cleared individuals?

In many fields of work, recruiters or employers will not ask for prior security clearance. The shipbuilding industry and marine sector however are different. A security clearance is an asset in this job market due to the nature of certain projects. Mechanics, engineers, and other trades performing ship refit or construction could need security clearance depending on the project

How long does security clearance last?

Security clearance can last anywhere between 5 to 10 years but equally, if you have been given it for a specific project or assignment, it should generally last the same amount of time as the project. It could be however you have left the armed forces carrying this clearance. We can support you in ensuring this stays valid, so this is an asset in job hunting we flag up to our candidates.

The benefits of security clearance

There is no question that holding a security clearance gives you increased marketability with employers and specifically in the shipbuilding industry. Shipbuilders are often involved in projects that require security clearance and will therefore give hiring preference to ex-military personnel with current clearances. Even if your clearance has lapsed, we can help support you in reactivating. The fact that you have previously held this is also an asset; many employers are willing to hire people who have held a prior clearance because it shows they have passed the vetting process.

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