Jobs for industrial painters and blasters in the Marine sector

13 Sep 2023

Jobs for industrial painters and blasters in the Marine sector

Shipbuilding and marine refits require a whole host of skilled tradespeople to fulfil projects. One of those incredible trades is industrial painters and blasters. We have dealt with lots of contracts over the years where industrial painters and blasters are massively in demand. Let’s focus in this blog on what they do, and how critical they are to the industry.

So, what exactly do these people do in the marine sector?

Role of industrial painter blaster

In simple terms, an industrial painter/blaster is a professional who coats and paints seagoing vessels from warships to cruise liners. Anyone in this trade will know that it’s not simply a case of slapping some paint onto the surface. There is the surface preparation, operating painting equipment, the safe storage of materials and good working practice that complies with shipyard safety protocols. So where does the blasting come into it? In the case of marine refits, often our skilled, industrial painters, and blasters will use abrasive blasting methods to take the existing debris and paintwork off the surface before they apply fresh coatings.

Fast-growing and moving sector

In a cost-of-living crisis, the marine sector is thriving. There is so much work lined up, our client base just needs skilled trades like you to fulfil their contracts. A shipyard is an exceptionally busy environment with numerous trades, moving around the site and working on a much greater scale than a domestic painter. Here’s just some of the equipment that they use: 

  • Blast pots
  • Spray guns
  • Paintbrushes
  • Solvents
  • Gloves
  • Masks
  • Rollers

Good rates of pay plus digs

We know how hard the industrial painters/blasters in our network work for our clients. The SLR team also work their socks off to ensure they secure good rates of pay and digs thrown in for contract work. We know the industrial painters/blasters we have in our network are real grafters. They are happy to get stuck into projects, rack up as many hours as possible and get the job done quickly before moving on to their next contract. The nature of this work is project-based and the beauty of being in the SLR world is we know which projects are coming to an end on and what’s coming up. It means we can have the next contract lined up for you waiting so all you need to do is move on to the next shipyard.

Extensive network of shipbuilding and marine refit clients

We have worked hard over the years building relationships with shipyards all over the country, so whether it’s Cammell Laird, Falmouth, Belfast, or closer to home in Portsmouth or Southampton, we have clients that need your skill set. Our friendly team can help you with your application and give you valuable insight about our clients to help you secure your next contract.

Have a chat with one of the friendly team today, get your details on file and let us take the hard work out of job searching for you!