Leaving the armed forces – career transition

22 Sep 2022

Leaving the armed forces – career transition

It’s time to leave the armed forces and transition into a civilian career. If you’ve spent the whole of your adult life serving in the military, it can be difficult to know where you get started when you come to find civilian work. We understand that it’s about so much more when you are transitioning from the armed forces that is why we don’t just match a CV to a job. Read on to find out more about our experience and qualifications to support you in the new chapter in your working life.

Our people-centred approach

We know what our brilliant candidates have to offer the shipbuilding industry and we make it our business to put you at the centre of the process. This means we support you every step of the way from understanding your qualifications and what opportunities they open for you, to building your CV, protecting your security clearance, and highlighting opportunities.

This starts with a conversation with you. At SLR we learn all about our candidates so that we are placing a person not a CV into our incredible job opportunities within the shipbuilding industry. We explain to you what aspects of your skills and qualifications would appeal to the marine sector. We then support you to ensure all your paperwork and documentation are put together to maximise opportunities with dependable potential employers.

Specialist shipbuilding and marine recruitment

We have become specialists in roles in the shipbuilding and refit industry. We’ve built relationships in the marine sector over time so that we get you in front of employers who want the value that ex-forces skilled tradespeople have to offer. It’s an exciting fast-paced industry that has been boosted by a huge government investment at the start of this year. In a time when people are worried about the cost of living in the economy, joining a sector that is buoyant and thriving is reassuring for our candidates

The shipbuilding industry

It’s not just the fact that this is a growing sector, we work with the marine shipbuilding industry because we know as a next step post services it really is the right fit for our candidates. So much of the experience and skill set our ex-services candidates possess is perfectly suited for this industry. Because we understand the sector so well, we have managed to build strong relationships not just with leading shipbuilders but also with the UK’s busiest shipyards such as Camell Laird, Glasgow, and Falmouth. In addition to this SLR is strategically located on the South Coast in Portsmouth and a short drive to Southampton. These two ports are exceptionally busy with shipbuilding projects from refits to new builds. Our proximity to them is beneficial in helping us react to needs

You may feel daunted about leaving the armed forces but the reason we specialise in this sector is that we understand that time-served tradespeople have the skill sets qualifications and clearance needed for this specialist work in a growing sector. Come and take your next steps with SLR.