The importance of good communication when seeking work

01 Nov 2021

The importance of good communication when seeking work

Getting back into a work environment can be difficult after being in the armed forces, especially if you’re struggling with qualifications. There are a number of skills that are essential in the workplace, and some are going to play an important role when you’re seeking jobs. A lot of things in the work environment are going to function differently than you would have experienced, so it’s important to be able to adapt.

In this case, communication is the subject, which is something that many people have a hard time working with. When you’re communicating with the people in your workplace, you’re going to have certain expectations of them, things that might be unusual depending on the trades you end up in.

Being patient

If you think ship refitting is something you’d like to get into now that you’re out of the armed forces, then you’re going to be working with others often. Not everyone has the same wavelength and experience that you’re going to, and decisions might need to be taken differently over longer time periods. It can take time to get used to, but patience is an important part of communicating.

The difference in your training between you and your employees might be very clear, and others might find it difficult to get things done as quickly and efficiently as you. You’re not expected to overwork yourself, and you shouldn’t expect the same of those that are working with you. Adapt to the environment around you, and allow others to control the pace if you feel it’s necessary for easier teamwork.

Your colleagues

In many work environments, there’s a lot more to it than the task at hand. While it might feel obvious to only focus on the work while you’re there, it’s important you’re able to be part of the team. Despite the workplace being a professional environment, communicating and becoming closer to your colleagues is a large part of that professionalism. Even if you find your day going a bit off of the tracks, if it makes you a better team member; it’s a step in the right direction.

Making requests

When you’re working in a civilian workplace, you’re expected to be able to ask for things in a formal manner. Individuals coming from high ranking positions might have a hard time adapting to this, but you’ve got to remember that being able to adapt to others’ wavelengths is a key part of working with a team. It’s much better to ask something of someone, rather than tell them to do it.

Why ship refits?

If you consider yourself a tradesperson who was previously in the armed forces, ship refitting is a great opportunity. You can expect a variety of different experiences for those of different qualifications, and it gives you a chance to work with marine engineering and more.

Some of these jobs will also require a security clearance, which is something that you as an ex-armed forces individual will inherently have.