Next Steps In Your Career After Military Life

16 Jun 2022

Next Steps In Your Career After Military Life

The process of resettlement into civilian life after leaving the armed forces can be a difficult one. Service leavers will need to consider quite a few changes, with one of the more notable being what steps they’ll need to take post-transition in terms of their career.

The career transition into civilian work may well be led by your experience in the armed forces. Mechanics, ship refit, and engineering can all be attractive propositions, especially if you specialised in similar areas during your service.

Managing your resettlement while going through a career transition can be an overwhelming experience. With SLR Recruitment, we recognise there is a lot to think about, so we make finding the right position for you as easy as possible and we specialise in working with service leavers from all backgrounds.

The Difficulty of Finding Work After The Military

Many service leavers find resettlement into civilian life a difficult process. It’s an emotional time that involves looking after quite a few things. Planning is vital to the process, as you’ll want to navigate various aspects of the transition as smoothly as possible. Your career transition from the armed services may be the most difficult part of this.

Much of this could be because, like other service leavers, you may have missed out on formal education in college or university. It doesn’t need to be as difficult as you could think, however. Plenty of trades and jobs are on offer for former armed forces. You’ll need to know precisely what steps to take first.

What Are Your Next Steps?

As part of your career transition, you’ll need to identify which trades or jobs you’re interested in and narrow down your applications accordingly. Once you do, it’s more than worth working with a recruitment company like SLR Recruitment. Doing so lets you take advantage of our expertise and hands-on approach.

With us, it’s a matter of letting us identify your transferrable skills and capitalise on them. Even if you need help with your security clearance, we can support you as often, this is an asset for mechanics, engineering, ship refit, and the marine sector.

Why You Can Trust Us

SLR Recruitment specialises in helping armed forces service leavers find jobs and trades in the engineering and marine sectors, alongside ship refit and mechanics. No matter what help you need – such as getting security clearance – we’re sure we can help.

With our consultants’ hands-on approach, we work to understand your work capabilities, alongside your criteria for you. You shouldn’t look for a role that is simply a job, we’ll make sure it’s one that you like and excel in.

Each of our employees works with us for a reason. They share the same passion for integrity, expertise, and desire for a fulfilling career. With us, you can rest assured you’ll be treated with the respect you deserve as you navigate your career transition.

Let us support you on the next steps of your journey.