Opportunities for industrial painters with SLR

16 Dec 2022

Opportunities for industrial painters with SLR

Everybody starts somewhere, for SLR it was providing industrial painters for various sites around the UK. Because this is where we started, we have stacks of in-house expertise in this role. What this means is clients will come to us every single time they have vacancies for industrial painters. They know that we understand this role inside and out and will provide the right kind of candidate to facilitate their project. Let’s look at what an industrial painter does and look back on some of the projects we have been involved in.

What does an industrial painter do?
As you would expect an industrial painter is a big step up from standard domestic decorating. For starters, they are often required to paint large vessels such as ships or submarines and they generally must carry out several processes before painting. The exterior and interior of ships are very different to domestic painting. Invariably the surface is metal and requires certain treatments before painting. Industrial painters might be required to burn off old paint and make solvents for the purpose of cleaning surfaces and ridding them of grease, oil, or rust. Often an industrial painter will be using spray painting equipment as well as brushes and rollers. It’s an exceptionally skilled role that requires care and thought alongside handling substances such as chemicals other than paint. When vessels such as ships or submarines are being coated, it tends to be the final stage of a costly project and therefore time is of the essence. Industrial painters will be expected to carry out their work quickly and efficiently.

SLR’s expertise in industrial painting

At SLR we have had the privilege of supplying industrial painters with a range of high-profile projects. We have talked in the past about how proud we were to supply painters for the landing craft at the D-Day Museum. We have also had the privilege of sending industrial painters to assist with the finishing of Queen Elizabeth. It’s not always shipping however that our skilled candidates are called to finish. We have been fortunate enough to supply resources to famous landmarks in the capital.

Painting London’s bridges

Blackfriars Bridge in London connects the city of London in the north and Blackfriars station to the Tate Modern on the south banks and the London Borough of Southwark. At 281 m long and 32 m wide, it took a highly skilled team of industrial painters to ensure this historic landmark was painted. We also had the privilege to supply painters to coat the iconic Tower Bridge. This historic landmark spanning the Thames attracts visitors from around the world. With superb views of London, the bridge took eight years to build the design conceived by Sir John Wolfe Barry. With 11,000 tons of steel forming its framework this busy landmark sees multiple vessels pass through its towers. Ensuring it retains its picture postcard charm required a highly skilled team of industrial painters that SLR was proud to provide.

If you have the skill set and experience, we need, get in touch with us today and see what opportunities we have for industrial painters.