Questions on resettlement and career transition when leaving the military

02 Mar 2022

Questions on resettlement and career transition when leaving the military

What Knowledge Do You Have?

You probably didn’t need a CV while in active service, but when you’re getting ready to leave and look for jobs, it’s crucial that you have one. To make your CV interesting to potential employers, you’ll need to consider all the different elements of knowledge you have amassed over your time as a marine. Make a list of all the tools you have in terms of what you have learned and what you know. Not only will you be surprised at just how many skills you have, but you’ll also spot where there might be holes in your knowledge base, and you’ll be able to choose how you want to fill those holes.

What Career Can You Have?

This is a wide-ranging question and one that can take some time to answer, so it’s wise to start thinking about this well ahead of time. What can you do as a career after leaving the marines?

The first thing to think about is what skills you have – writing your CV will help to determine these:

What can these skills allow you to do?

Could it be engineering?


Perhaps working in ship refit trades?

Will you need special security clearance to do whatever it is you want to do?

Make sure that your skills match your potential career choices, as this will ensure you can find the job that will make you happy and allow you to reach your new horizons.

SLR provides career opportunities for skilled ex-forces tradespeople. We specialise in roles for the shipbuilding and refit industry because we recognise that you have the qualifications, skill sets, and security clearance that is needed for this kind of work. Because we have built relationships in the marine sector, we can get you in front of employers who want what you can offer.

Who Is Your Support System?

When you were in the armed forces, you will have been acutely aware of always having an excellent support system around you. No matter what it was you wanted or needed, there would have been someone there to help you – and you would have been there for others too. What kind of support system will you have when you leave the marines? It’s important to know because this support system can help you when things get tough and will ensure you keep moving forward with whatever jobs and ideas you might have.

Support can come from many different areas. It might be family and friends, for example, but it could just as well be strangers in an online forum. Think about where your support will come from and ensure you have somewhere to turn if you need guidance at any time. We are here to help you, and you can ask us any question at any time.