Security clearance- what opportunities are there in shipbuilding?

23 Dec 2022

Security clearance- what opportunities are there in shipbuilding?

We’ve spent a great deal of time at SLR forming relationships with time-served individuals. We know our ex-services candidates have a wealth of skills and valuable experience that can be applied to the thriving shipbuilding industry in the UK. One such advantage that many of our ex-armed forces candidates possess is security clearance. In this blog, we will explore how we help individuals leaving the military to find work and what doors security clearance opens for them.

Shipbuilding projects can be sensitive

The shipbuilding and marine sector is a specialist area of work that requires a specialist marine recruiter. SLR knows this sector inside and out. The UK has a thriving shipbuilding industry from refits to the construction of naval shipping and cruise liners, the opportunities are endless. Often, we are supplying resources to shipyards around the UK such as Cammell Laird in Merseyside, BAE systems in Barrow-in-Furness and as far north as Glasgow. The busy shipyards are frequently engaged with projects instigated through naval contracts. This can mean anything from ship refits to the construction of brand-new frigates or submarines. The defence of the UK against potential threats requires a level of secrecy hence clearance levels.

The security clearance check is comprised of several aspects as follows:

  • Criminal record check
  • A security questionnaire
  • Examination of medical records
  • Credit reference and financial cheques
  • Interview with the applicant
  • Interviews with character referees oh and all prior supervisors
  • Check company records

The sensitive nature of our defence capability is such that our skilled tradespeople must operate with a level of discretion. If they have already experienced work of a sensitive nature during their military career, they will often already carry security clearance. We include security clearance in our job spec because we know from electricians to engineers, certain projects will require a security clearance. Individuals cannot publicly disclose what level of security clearance they carry but they can state it is valid. This clearance tends to last for a year before requiring renewal. The skilled team at SLR can help with renewal and ensure your clearance is kept up to date. If your clearance has lapsed, the fact that you have carried it may still put you in front of other candidates because it shows you pass the vetting process previously.

Keeping your clearance valid

Anyone who has served in the military will undoubtedly have had experience in handling sensitive material and knows the importance of discretion. These time-served candidates have marketability and an advantage in the shipbuilding sector that puts them ahead of other tradespeople. One of the important aspects of security clearance is the fact that it is only granted for a specific period. This relates either to the project the candidate is working on or the term of their employment. A security clearance is something that must be kept under continual review because circumstances and individuals play change in terms of risk. Reviews of security clearance must be carried out by either government departments or contractors that are government-sponsored. At SLR we can help you maintain this.