Shipbuilding – a thriving growth sector in challenging times

06 Sep 2022

Shipbuilding – a thriving growth sector in challenging times

Whilst much of the news may be filled with doom and gloom around the cost of living, thankfully the shipbuilding industry is one area of the UK economy that is positive. We know that in March this year the UK launched a national shipbuilding strategy with a pledged investment of £4 billion.

This was a most welcome boost of investment for shipyards and shipbuilders across the UK. The investment is a planned pipeline of over 150 naval and civilian vessels over the next 30 years. The national shipbuilding strategy will increase the country’s maritime capabilities and comes as a response to increased demand from across the globe.


The success of shipping during covid

It’s been an exceptionally challenging couple of years in terms of trade and industry and those working in the maritime sector should feel proud of the success it has enjoyed. The logistics of keeping goods flowing across the world such as food fuel and medicine were well supported by our shipping industry. The supply chain was a lifeline throughout the COVID pandemic, and the UK and global economy are extremely grateful for the maritime industry’s superb response to this crisis. The UK has always had a rich heritage in the shipbuilding sector, and it remains forward-looking and intentional to secure its position at the forefront of the world maritime stage. As well as a robust strategy for shipbuilding, the maritime sector will also embrace emerging and green technology in a progressive outward-looking strategy.


National Maritime Security Strategy
On the 15th of August, the UK also launched a new national maritime security strategy which is part of a five-year plan to redefine maritime security. The strategy will encompass laws regulations and ways to ensure free and fair maritime use. As well as governing and regulating fishing, the strategy will also encompass environmental damage to our seas.
“The new maritime security strategy paves the way to further cement U.K.’s position as a world leader in maritime security” Secretary of State Grant Schapps

Delivering a strategy that gives an effective maritime security framework from borders and ports can only be positive news for our shipyards. A more secure maritime environment will boost confidence within the shipping community. Protecting international shipping and the transmission of goods will boost the maritime industry and shipbuilding projects.

Partnering Up for Greater Success

To make the most of this boost to the maritime industry, shipbuilders know that partnering with the right recruitment agency is essential for success. There will be more opportunities than ever to secure contracts with the government’s investment, but it will need the right people to help deliver it.

This is where SLR comes in. We have a proven track record of helping companies in the maritime sector partner up with the right people, both as clients and candidates. We specialise in marine armed forces services leavers who are transitioning into the private sector. These time-served individuals have the right skill set and experience to help our clients capitalise on this thriving industry.