Shipyard labour onsite quickly – how SLR can help meet project deadlines

19 Sep 2023

Shipyard labour onsite quickly – how SLR can help meet project deadlines

We know that our shipbuilding and marine clients need skilled tradespeople on site quickly. The marine sector is unique and working alongside someone who can not only meet the peaks and troughs in labour demand but also manage the payroll side is the support our clients need. Projects running on time and on budget. Whilst most projects have a timescale and costs, in shipbuilding and marine refits, this really is a delicate balance. Because the clients we work with are utilising trades from a cross-spectrum of skills, they need to be able to rely on a flow of tradespeople at precisely the right point and stage of the project – labour onsite when they need it.

Meeting production deadlines

Productivity hinges entirely on getting the right people in place at exactly the right time. SLR has worked in this industry for many years, and we completely understand how labour needs ebb and flow. We have a bank of skilled tradespeople who understand the nature of the marine sector and can react to our client’s needs with perfect timing. These candidates are used to going from one contract to another and understand the nature of project work and the pace and attitude that is needed in a shipyard.

How we manage your people

We know that people are important to you, but the admin side of dealing with workers can be a headache. This is why at SLR, we have developed a system where you don’t need to get involved in payroll and the potential hassle that comes with managing that side of labour. All that happens is you receive an invoice from us, and we simply take care of the rest. This allows you to focus entirely on projects, knowing it’s not just the flow of trades you need but all the paperwork that goes with it dealt with. 

Your tradespeople enter a contract with us, and we deal with all their payroll.

Instead of all the management that comes with people, it’s simply a bill at the end of the month. People problems handled.

Shipyard labour on-site quickly

The beauty of using a marine recruiter is as follows:

  • No lengthy job ad writing
  • No waiting for applications through job boards
  • No project time lost whilst waiting to source labour

The reason our clients come back to us time and time again is that all they need to do is pick up the phone. We already have a relationship with them, we know how they work, and whether it is a refit or brand-new build, our skilled labour will ensure it gets over the line.

Who are our candidates?

We go beyond qualifications and paperwork to ensure the right tradespeople are sent to the site. Shipbuilding is fast-paced, and the shipyard is a challenging environment. The individuals we find have a can-do attitude and are prepared to work their backsides off to make sure every stage of the project goes according to plan.

Got a brand-new shipbuilding or refit project? Get in touch with us today and let us support your labour needs.