SLR: bridging the gap between clients and candidates in marine recruitment

11 Aug 2022

SLR: bridging the gap between clients and candidates in marine recruitment

Here at SLR Marine Recruitment, we understand that there are many service leavers from the armed forces looking for opportunities in civilian roles. We also know that there are plenty of marine companies looking for dedicated, loyal, and hard-working staff. We serve as the bridge between these two groups to help everyone fulfil their goals. Of course, you may feel that a generalised recruitment company can find positions or employees that are appropriate for you, but we understand the unique circumstances and needs of ex-military personnel, as well as the demands and requirements of marine businesses and roles, and so are much more qualified to create the perfect solutions.

How We Help Our Candidates

As specialists in marine recruitment, we have a long history of working hand in hand with individuals from the armed forces, finding civilian roles that meet all their needs. If this is what you’re looking for, we can help. First and foremost, we can grow to understand what you’re looking for in your role. Different people lay different emphasis on elements of jobs, varying from salary to workload to working hours and more. Only you will know what best suits your lifestyle and we can then take this information on board while conducting your job search on your behalf. Our extensive history of working with service leavers going through a career transition means we know where different skills can be transferred. This could be mechanics training, the experience of working on a ship refit, qualifications in engineering and more. We fill roles in a variety of jobs and trades, so will be able to find something suitable for you as an individual.

How We Assist Our Clients

If you’re looking for staff to fill empty vacancies, we are the people for the job. We will take the time to get to know your business, understand what you need and find that talent as quickly and effectively as possible. We know that you’re working in a fast-paced and high-demand industry. You don’t have time to waste on dead-end applications and interviews. Instead, we will be able to pair you with employees who are looking for the type of work you’re offering. We can even find staff who already have security clearance if you’re working on protected jobs or contracts. This will reduce the time in which you have to apply for new employees’ clearance checks yourself.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into finding the right role for ex-military individuals and finding the right person for the vacant roles offered by marine companies and specialists. Our unique expertise and knowledge, as well as our understanding and insight into both parties’ requirements, will result in filled job roles with happy and satisfied parties on both sides. If you’d like to learn more or you’re ready to start the marine recruitment process from either side, please get in touch. We’ll be able to listen to you and drive the right results!