SLR expands and moves into a new office space

18 Oct 2022

SLR expands and moves into a new office space

It’s been an extremely busy period for SLR recruitment. We have continued to support the marine sector and busy shipyards across the UK supplying resources to a thriving industry. Whilst continuing to support this sector, we have also acquired new premises. As you can imagine, moving has dominated the last few weeks but we are thrilled to take up residence in our new location in Grove Road South. It’s a big change in ethos for running SLR but Sarah felt the timing was right.

Why we moved

There were multiple reasons for acquiring office space. Having run a successful business from her home, SLR ‘s director Sarah Roads felt it was time to have some separation between work and home life. Aside from that, the SLR marine recruit workforce is growing, and space was becoming an issue! Connectivity and interaction are so important in a workforce that centres on people; therefore, having a space where the team can be together, find solutions, innovate, and drive the business forward was critical. The move coincides with Sarah ‘s aims for Q4 and her growth strategy into 2023. A physical space shift can change a company’s energy and its people. The move is aligned with Sarah’s vision for the business going forward and will energise the SLR team as they continue with the purpose and vision for the business into the next few years.

A space for the shipbuilding community

Acquiring office space was also about having a base that serves as a friendly space for our incredible tradespeople to visit was also important. SLR wants its premises to feel welcoming and open so that clients and candidates alike can enter a space that will support them. Choosing Southsea was also close to Sarah’s heart because it allows access for those working in Portsmouth Dockyard and individuals leaving the armed forces and entering career transition. Portsmouth has a rich maritime history and has always been a large focus for our Royal Navy and Royal Marines. Building stronger links with both institutions as well as the other organisations that support service leavers is an ongoing goal for SLR. Ensuring therefore that they are visible and accessible in the community will be facilitated through the move to the new office space.

The hope is that the office will become a hub for the wider community and a space that seeks to build links and outreach with the city. The city of Portsmouth is filled with incredible businesses and people and SLR marine recruitment wants to continue to make a positive contribution to the community.

We look forward to welcoming visitors for coffee once we have settled in!