Spotlight on our clients – Tamar Crossings

19 Dec 2022

Spotlight on our clients – Tamar Crossings

Recruitment in any sector is all about building relationships. The SLR team devote themselves to strengthening client and candidate relationships alike. We know that proactive and positive communication is the best way to deliver effective recruiting for both our clients and candidates. We thought in this blog, we would focus on one client in particular because we really enjoy working with them and they have superb opportunities for our skilled tradespeople.

Connecting communities

The river Tamar runs from Saltash and Cornwall to Plymouth in Devon. This busy waterway provides a vital connection for people living and working in the area. The Tamar Bridge and Torpoint ferry are the lifeblood of this community and Tamar Crossings have a large capable team of individuals that ensure a continued flow of waterborne and bridge traffic continues to flow.

In recruitment, we are very mindful that our candidates find work that is right for them both in terms of utilising their skill sets effectively and equally and their experience of SLR is positive. Tamar Crossings are one client whom we have no hesitation in providing resources for because they enhance our service to our candidates.

Tamar crossings contribute to a positive experience
One of the reasons that Tamar Crossings contribute to a positive candidate experience is the feedback is timely. Candidates do not want to be kept hanging on to find out whether they were successful. Looking for work can be stressful partly because it is time-consuming. Tamar Crossings are brilliant at reacting quickly and enabling candidates to make decisions.

Tamar Crossings recognise that finding the right people can be about how much they give to us. As a client, they are exceptionally good at interacting with all members of the SLR team which strengthens our relationship and ability to find them the right people.

Positive communication
What this means is that in their dealings with candidates and with us, Tamar Crossings are always constructive and positive. Whether that’s over the phone, by email or in person, they are great communicators who enable us to enhance the candidate experience.

Here are some of the roles we have supplied to Tamar Crossings:

Mechanical technicians
Technical manager
Ferry manager

As you can imagine with such a busy organisation, there is a constant need to maintain and facilitate the movement of people and vehicles. The Tamar Bridge and Torpoint ferry are critical elements of regional transport infrastructure. It needs to function well to protect the economic viability of the Plymouth and Cornwall area. There is continued investment and improvement on both ferries and the bridge itself. This requires a reliable supply of resources to keep it running. We are proud to partner with Tamar crossings and the Torpoint ferry and hope to work with this brilliant client for many years to come.