The advantages of holding security clearance in marine recruitment.

28 Nov 2022

The advantages of holding security clearance in marine recruitment.

We often write about security clearance in our blogs simply because it is a huge asset in this job market! Not only is shipbuilding an industry that is future proved with vast investment from the government, but if you have left the Armed Services then you may have an even greater advantage in this job market. Shipbuilding is a truly unique industry that often requires discretion and security clearance. One of the reasons we seek to build relationships with time-served individuals is because they hold this much sought-after status. Let’s look at what we mean by security clearance and how it can be advantageous.


What is a security clearance?

Simply put, security clearance means that an individual has been authorised to hold a position where they have access to classified national security information. When constructing ships for the MOD or Royal Navy, the need for security and discretion is paramount. Individuals who hold this clearance are in a strong candidate position because those overseeing the project know that they have been through a vetting process that determines their suitability for access to sensitive information or property.

Whilst individuals cannot disclose publicly the level of security clearance they hold, they may however state that they have clearance to high government standards. They can be various trades involved in shipbuilding, refit, or repairs. From mechanics to engineers, often security clearance will be required for various elements of the project.


Hiring preference

Holding security clearance undoubtedly increases your marketability with employers in shipbuilding. From the point of view of a recruiter, it firmly places you into the most placeable candidate bracket. Many contracts and projects in the shipbuilding sector are government-led and as such, require individuals that understand the sensitive nature of these contracts. If you hold a level of security clearance, it shows that you are a candidate who can be trusted to adhere to strict confidentiality.


SLR can ensure you maintain clearance

Even if your clearance has lapsed, an employer will give preference to ex-military personnel because it demonstrates they have been through a vetting process.
At SLR, our team can support you in reactivating your clearance to ensure you maximise your appeal to employers. We can also advise on renewal and ensure this is kept up to date.


Security clearance can mean faster placement

Shipbuilding is an industry that moves quickly. Because shipbuilding and repair projects require multiple trades at specific stages, it is critical that the right people can be placed quickly – any delays can be costly. If a fresh security clearance is required, then the background checks can take anything from a couple of months to much longer to complete. What this means is projects cannot move forward and therefore it becomes a cost and delay to employers. Ex-service candidates can often find themselves in an advantageous situation because better if they already hold security cleared status then they can move much quicker than other candidates.

If you hold a security clearance or have previously held it, contact us today.