The Benefits of Subcontracting for Work

26 Nov 2021

The Benefits of Subcontracting for Work

There are very many life skills, technical specialisms, and general competencies associated with being in the armed forces. When leaving military life, returning back to civilian employment can either be easier or more difficult than you had imagined. However, no matter your experience, one thing is certain – the skills you have developed in the forces will be valuable to any prospective employer.

That said, taking on a contract of employment straight away is not necessarily the only option you have. It may be that this is your first time interfacing with the world of civilian employment, to the point where trying a few roles, fulfilling a few ventures, and getting your bearings of a local industry should be your first step.

This is why SLR Recruitment Solutions Ltd are geared towards finding all kinds of positions and recruitment contracts for those leaving the armed forces, particularly within the Marine and Industrial sectors. These roles may include engineering, mechanics, ship refit positions, and more. This is a fantastic place to start for those who may already have security clearance.

Some of these positions involve working as a subcontractor as opposed to an outright employee. Some subcontractors register as self-employed, while others craft their own consultancy firm. There are many benefits to subcontracting. In this post, we’ll discuss a few of them:

Flourish In Your Specialism

Subcontractors tend to be specialists in a given field. They can provide pertinent advice, insight and technical know-how in either leading or consulting with a team for the best results. They provide the means by which to practice one position and one specialism to its utmost degree, remaining a valuable part of any team. This works similarly to the familiar structure of military life, as you will have no doubt specialized in a technical capacity already via your training and day to day planning.

Pick and Choose Your Roles

Subcontractors are hired for a particular task with set goals, or will help oversee an entire project from start to finish, caring for their own specialist contributions during that time. After said project is completed, the next project may be entirely different, hosted by a different employer, and can provide a continual and stimulating challenge regarding all aspects of your technical know-how. The freedom this can provide will also help you chart your own path going forward, working as an individual entity.

Potential For Higher Earnings

Subcontractors generally give invoices based on the quotes provided and work performed, meaning that the more clients you work for, the better the chance you have of earning more than a strict salaried position each year. Provided you ally with a worthwhile recruitment agency helping you see those opportunities, you can apply the best of yourself to every role you find, increasing the chance of higher earnings. Note – you will need to calculate and report your taxes yourself.

Work For Others, But For Yourself

Subcontractors benefit from professional freedom in choosing the clients and contracts they apply for and take on, but are ultimately separate entities that work with, not for the businesses they ally with. Enhancing your personal reputation in this way reflects on you and your brand, not the brand of someone you’re working for. This can be a tremendously freeing approach, especially after leaving such a tight-knit and singularly-focused career in the armed forces.

 An Ever-Changing, Dynamic Work Experience

One large benefit of enlistment in the armed forces is that most of your day-to-day experiences will be varied. A single role can comprise many different responsibilities. Subcontracting can provide that too, only this time you’ll be charting your own path forward. Choosing the type and duration of projects you take on, where in the country you travel to work, and the brands you ally yourself with can all change throughout the year. It’s hard not to feel engaged as a subcontractor because attentive focus can quite literally define your success.

With this advice, we hope you can see the benefits of subcontracting, and choose SLR Recruitment Solutions for your next step in civilian life.