The boom in the shipbuilding industry in the UK

20 Jan 2022

The boom in the shipbuilding industry in the UK

Life goes on after you leave the armed forces, which means that you need to get onto the job market. You’re going to have all of your expenses to pay for, and you need something to occupy your time. There has been a huge boom in the shipbuilding industry in the UK over the last couple of years, despite some of the predictions that came about when Brexit was happening. But, now we’re post-Brexit, and the shipbuilding industry is doing better than ever.

More Jobs For Everyone

The boom has meant that there are more jobs for everyone. Being a veteran of the armed forces gives you some of the necessary skills to carry out this kind of work, even if you are not specifically qualified in that area. It’s also important to note that a lot of these jobs require security clearance which you will already have being a former member of the armed forces.

If you are going to be looking for a job in this industry, then you should partner with an agency that knows about armed forces skills and how to use them to your advantage during the recruitment process.

Key Locations For Shipbuilding

There are some key shipyards in the UK that you can consider working for, and all of the ones that we are about to mention have plenty of orders piling up!

The biggest shipyard in the UK is A&P Group Falmouth Shipyard. Located in Cornwall right on the coast, it has the largest ship repair complex in the UK and is one of the world’s largest, deep-water harbours. It consists of 3 large graving docks and can provide a range of marine repair services to the customer. It can even dock ships up to 100,000 tonnes

Dales Marine Services Aberdeen is another main shipyard in the UK. Found in Scotland, it is strategically placed to be able to handle emergencies as well as regular maintenance services and ship repair to the offshore industries. Boasting state of the art equipment and top-quality engineers, this is one of the best shipyards in the entire UK.

Thanks to the large boom that we mentioned, both of these and many more shipyards have more jobs available than ever. All shipyards like this offer an extensive number of marine services, which means that there are always positions that need to be filled. The UK shipbuilding industry is doing amazingly well and is incredibly stable, making it one of the best choices for someone looking for a new, hands-on career.

Despite what many people thought would happen to the shipbuilding industry after Brexit, it is alive and kicking in the UK. Nothing seems to be slowing it down, and this is a fantastic sign for those who are either in the shipbuilding industry already, or those looking to get into it. Get in touch with us today if you are former armed services and considering a job in this industry.