The Importance of an Industrial Painter and Blaster in Shipbuilding

13 Jul 2023

The Importance of an Industrial Painter and Blaster in Shipbuilding

One of the most important jobs in shipbuilding and a role that we are always recruiting for is
industrial painters and blasters. As the job title suggests, this is much more than an ordinary painting
occupation and is a much sought-after position in the shipyard.

This role is not only a vacancy that we often have open but also a trade that is close to our heart as
that was where SLR started. Because we cut our teeth providing industrial painters in various
locations around the UK, we know the skill set needed for this role inside and out. We have built an
extensive network of industrial painters and blasters over the years and that means clients will often
approach us because we are able to source these incredible candidates quickly and help to deliver
their project.

What does an industrial painter do?

Industrial painting is clearly quite far removed from standard interior domestic paintwork. Whether
they are coating marine vessels or vast objects such as bridges, there are several processes they
need to carry out before applying paint. Unlike domestic paintwork on walls and woodwork, our
skilled candidates are invariably coating metal. This requires specific treatments such as potentially
burning off old paint and cleaning surfaces to remove rust, grease and oil which means they will be
handling solvents. Industrial painters and blasters must therefore understand handling chemicals as
well as painting. In terms of shipbuilding projects, the paintwork is generally the final stage of the
project when all the key stakeholders are keen to finalise the project and therefore these skilled
tradespeople will be aware, that work must be efficient and quick.

Where and how do they work?

Industrial painters and blasters work in a variety of sectors and areas such as mining, asset,
maintenance, manufacturing, oil, gas and of course shipbuilding. Basically, anywhere that large-scale
painting takes place will need skilled industrial painters. If this is your trade, then you will generally
apply coatings using spray systems. Our industrial painters also operate with various other types of
equipment, such as paintbrushes, rollers, blast pots, and spray guns. It’s not just the range of
equipment they use, Industrial painter and blasters need to have a knowledge of various painting

Whilst we continually supply industrial painters to many of the UK’s large shipbuilders, we have also
had the privilege of being involved in some incredible and historic work. Some of the high-profile
projects SLR have supplied industrial painters for:

The D-Day Landing craft

This was an amazing step back in time for shipbuilding and we were proud to support the restoration
of this incredible vessel with industrial painters back in 2020.

London – bridges

We had the privilege to supply painters to work on Blackfriars Bridge and Tower Bridge both iconic
landmarks over the Thames in our capital city.

HMS Queen Elizabeth

The Royal Navy’s largest and most powerful vessel was coated by some of SLR‘s skilled industrial

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