The Importance Of Cammell Laird To UK Shipbuilding

29 Jun 2022

The Importance Of Cammell Laird To UK Shipbuilding

Shipbuilding in the United Kingdom has been spurred on by multiple factors, but few companies or institutions can claim to be as crucial as Cammell Laird.

Established in the 1820s, the company has been in continuous operation for almost 200 years. Throughout this time, it’s become well-known among the armed forces, services leavers, mechanics, and those in the ship refit and engineering industries.

That’s predominantly because of how important Cammell Laird is to the shipbuilding industry in the United Kingdom. It’s worth looking more into the organisation and the impact it’s had and continues to have. If you’re interested in working with Cammell Laird, get in touch with SLR Recruitment to see how we can help.

What Is Cammell Laird?

Cammell Laird is a shipbuilding and engineering firm first founded in 1828 based on Britain’s west coast. The organisation’s main site spans 130 acres and includes several covered workshops, a modular construction hall, and four dry docks. Since being established, it’s grown to provide services to multiple sectors, including oil and gas and nuclear.

It has also grown to work on projects from across Europe. During this time, it’s also worked on countless famous ships, including:

  • CSS Alabama
  • HMS Birkenhead
  • HMS Royal Ark
  • HMS Devonshire

Most recently, Cammell Laird was involved with the RRS Sir David Attenborough in 2018. Throughout this time, it’s provided a range of support services, including upgrades, repairs, and conversions. It currently boasts a highly skilled workforce, alongside an internship program that introduces younger workers to the industry.

The company’s services have also expanded to include modular construction, which is used for power plants and nuclear plants across Europe and the United Kingdom. During this time, it’s continued to remain vital to the UK shipbuilding industry and a significant employer that contributes to the UK economy.

Work at Cammell Laird

With the heritage and reputation that Cammell Laird has in the UK shipbuilding industry, it’s understandable many trades want to want to work in this exciting environment. Getting a position in this well-established company doesn’t need to be as difficult as you could think, partnering with SLR Recruitment could be the first step in securing a role there.

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