The power of local networking for marine recruitment

25 Oct 2022

The power of local networking for marine recruitment

The pandemic ushered in a new era of online communication and whilst that was critical in connecting people and allowing businesses to function, there is an appetite now for face-to-face interaction and business networking. SLRknows that it is in the business of people and therefore taking every opportunity to engage with others face-to-face is critical. Let’s look at why networking in business is important and the local events we have supported in Portsmouth recently.


Why networking is important

We are human beings and whilst we require certain products and services, ultimately people still buy people. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, relationship building is a massive part of business and tone, hand gestures and body language can often be lost online therefore face-to-face interaction is powerful. Networking events can often lead to business or job opportunities.

They frequently have guest speakers providing a chance to deepen industry knowledge. A networking event can be a space for an exchange of ideas, innovation, and advancement. Here are some other positives of networking events:

  • Increases confidence
  • Raises your profile
  • Access to job opportunities and candidates
  • Space to exchange best practices and knowledge
  • Strengthens business connections
  • Helps to grow your personal brand
  • Career advice and support

At SLR marine recruit, we know the importance of being present and showing up to networking events in Portsmouth, Southampton and along the south coast. We’re always so seeking to build relationships and strengthen our presence in the shipbuilding maritime community. it’s a chance to put faces to names and strengthen our network. Last month we took the time to visit the Portsmouth Business Expo. We were really impressed by the range of businesses present and enjoyed mixing with others in such a positive and energetic environment.


Supporting the local community in Portsmouth

But we don’t just show up at networking events that specifically relate to our industry. Our local community and opportunities to strengthen the city of Portsmouth are also important to us. Therefore, recently we had the pleasure of attending Joy Jam put on by The Grateful Arts Club. This is a community-based company that encourages the practice of gratitude and sharing positivity through artwork and SLR was proud to support this endeavour. For its founder Charla Grant, Joy Jam was a chance for her to put gratitude into action and support a local not-for-profit organisation called Motiv8 whose goal is to help young people and families develop skills and tools on their journey. The aim of Joy Jam was to put on a community art exhibition and donate the proceeds to support Motiv8. it was such a joyful and positive experience, and our director Sarah Roads very much enjoyed being a part of this.

Networking takes place at lots of different levels but continues to be a powerful way to build relationships not just in business but across the city of Portsmouth and its community. People are our most important asset, and we should take every opportunity to interact in our business world and the local area.