What Are The Advantages of Security Clearance When Job Hunting

28 Jun 2022

What Are The Advantages of Security Clearance When Job Hunting

Job seekers need to pass through multiple hoops when applying for roles. That goes for former members of the armed forces as much as it does for civilians. In many cases, however, it can be more challenging for former armed forces members, as they’ll need to worry about resettlement to civilian life on top of a career transition.

One notable hurdle to this security clearance. While many people know what this is and how it affects your job hunt, not everyone will. Even if you know what it is, you may not know why you might need it. It’s worth diving into how clearance can not only be beneficial, but vital, to your job hunt.

What Is Security Clearance?

When a role involves access to sensitive material, it needs security clearance. Provided by governmental organisations, this involves passing a rigorous vetting process to ensure you’re qualified and eligible enough to view such materials. Think of it as government-backed evidence that you’re a trustworthy individual.

While this is typically seen in the armed forces, service leavers may be surprised to learn that it’s used significantly in multiple other areas, such as the engineering and marine sectors. Mechanics, engineers, and those who perform a ship refit could all need it.

Advantages of Security Clearance When Job Hunting

While a potential employer is responsible for getting you security clearance, already having it when applying for a role offers a range of advantages. It enables you to speed up and streamline the application process, so you can get to your new job faster. It also makes you more attractive to potential employers.

The main reason for this is that you’re already pre-qualified. Your employer doesn’t need to spend time and effort getting a background check and security clearance sorted. Coupled with that is the time and money they’ll save not needing to go through this process. Having a valid security clearance makes you an all-around more attractive candidate for many roles in the marine sector.

Getting A Job With Security Clearance

We have spent time cultivating relationships with all the big players in the shipbuilding industry and the main shipyards in the UK. Because we have built those relationships and maintain a current job board, we know which opportunities will make your security clearance advantageous. In addition to understanding how this will open certain doors for you, we also can ensure you maintain this clearance.

At SLR Recruitment, we have made it our niche to support those who have left the armed forces and help them understand aspects of their skills that employers will find attractive. As experts in working with former armed forces services leaders in their job hunt, we support you through every step of the recruitment process including how to use and keep a security clearance.

Your resettlement will be much easier with us than going it alone, so why not get in touch?