What transferable skills can ex services use in shipbuilding

30 Aug 2022

What transferable skills can ex services use in shipbuilding

If you are ex-service personnel looking to transition to a civilian career, at SLR Recruitment, we specialise in opening doors for service leavers, pairing individuals from the armed forces with marine jobs. We understand the unique benefits that time-served marine and industrial tradespeople provide within civilian roles and will be able to help find a position that ticks all your boxes and your prospective employer’s boxes. This leads to a happy fit that will see you secure in a long-term role that can provide for you and any dependents you may have. Whether that’s in engineering, mechanics, ship refit roles or anything else. At the end of the day, with your experience, you’re going to have a whole host of transferrable skills that will make you the perfect match for a specialist in marine trades. Here’s some more information on this.

What Are Transferrable Skills?

First, let’s establish what “transferrable skills” are. Transferable skills are any qualifications, skills, or capabilities that you may have picked up or developed in your previous role that can then be applied to a different trade or position. When it comes to the maritime industry, the average ex-service personnel will have a host of skills that can come in useful in the day-to-day demands and requirements of workers in this trade. Here are some that employers will actively seek out.

Maritime Skills

Countless skills that you pick up in roles within the marines can be transferred to more general marine roles. From shipbuilding to plating, engineering, plumbing, managerial training, and more general trades skillsets, whatever you used in your previously role will likely come in useful for a civilian shipbuilding position. Look through our jobs board to find open positions that may match the type of work you have carried out in the past.

Working Attitude

One of the most desirable traits that transfer from jobs in the marines to civilian roles is the working attitude that is instilled in ex-military. Often, employers report that individuals from military backgrounds tend to have more dedication and more pride in their work. They tend to be productive, committed and have a can-do attitude.

Security Training and Clearance

Did you carry security clearance in your last role? This could significantly increase your chances of getting a job with a company that works on projects or contracts that require a security clearance. Having this clearance already will put you ahead of the competition, as it means you can get straight to work, rather than the employer having to pay the costs and take the time to conduct checks themselves.

If you’re in the ex-services and are looking for a career in shipbuilding, we’ll be able to help you land a job that meets all your needs. Whether that’s matching salaries, flexible working hours or any other requirements, there will be a position that works for both you and the employer and our helpful and experienced team will be able to help you through the process.