Why do clients use SLR for shipbuilding staff?

18 Aug 2022

Why do clients use SLR for shipbuilding staff?

Does your business specialise in marine shipbuilding? Are you seeking staff who are qualified, experienced, dedicated and up to the job? You’re in the right place. Here at SLR Recruitment, we pride ourselves on pairing quality businesses with the best quality staff to get the job done. Whether you’re looking for specialists in engineering, mechanics, ship refit roles or anything else, we will be able to find the right individual to meet all your needs. Here’s some more information on why clients use us to provide shipbuilding staff.

We Are Marine Recruitment Specialists

First things first, we are specialists in marine recruitment. You could approach a mainstream generic recruiter to fill your maritime roles, but with our contacts and resource, we know that we will provide you with a much better match. We know what you’re looking for. We know what our clients are looking for. Because we understand the marine industry, we know the demands on you and what you and our candidates require. This means that we will be able to pair you with candidates who not only have the qualifications and experience you require but who will also feel mutually fulfilled with their resettlement within your business. This promotes staff satisfaction, productivity, and staff retention.

We Match You with Service Leavers

Members of the armed forces are some of the best staff you could wish to have on board. Think about it; they are dedicated, they have pride in their work, are committed and they are loyal. That’s all before considering that they are some of the best-trained individuals in the job market. Plus, many have security clearance, allowing them to work in more niche fields and areas of specialism. We help these individuals through their career transition, opening doors for them outside of the military in civilian shipbuilding opportunities.

We Are Responsive

We understand that the marine industry is fast-paced and demanding. We are highly responsive to minimise the amount of time it takes to place an individual in the jobs you have advertised. Filling vacancies quickly helps you to move fast on projects, ensuring that new staff induction, training and integration into your company can commence as quickly as possible. A shorter recruitment process means that you will be able to focus on other elements of your business that are demanding your attention.

We Understand Scale

As marine industry specialists, we are also aware of the sheer scale of the marine industry and that you may require multiple new starters at once. We can help you to recruit individuals from all marine trades, whether that’s specialists, management, all-around handymen or any other type of worker. We have plenty of contacts on board, allowing us to fill positions quickly and effectively.

If you’re looking to fill marine-based roles, and this sounds good to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. A member of our team will be able to get your journey started today.