Why Security Clearance Can Help You In The Shipbuilding

21 Jun 2022

Why Security Clearance Can Help You In The Shipbuilding

A security clearance is something that is familiar to members of the armed forces but can be an asset after you leave. Service leavers will be familiar with the fact that the term refers to the level of information you’re allowed to view and evaluate within an organisation. The higher up you are, the higher your security clearance.

As logical as this is in the armed forces, service leavers may wonder why they need this after a career transition. Why do jobs and trades outside of the military need it, and how can it help you with the recruitment process? If you’re looking for new opportunities and are going through the resettlement process into civilian life, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

Why Does Security Clearance Help You?

Service leavers may wonder why they need security clearance for the shipbuilding industry. Why is it important? It’s the same as why it’s needed almost anywhere else. Private and secure information is used to design and build every ship. With companies that work on government contracts, that’s especially true.

Everyone involved in this needs to be trusted. That’s where security clearance comes into play. It’s a way of verifying that you’re trustworthy enough to work in specific roles. As a result, getting security clearance can be vital to working in the shipbuilding industry – where there’s a high demand for veterans – in various ways. It makes you eligible for these roles.

How To Get & Keep It For The Shipbuilding Industry

You may wonder how to obtain security clearance to work in the shipbuilding industry but the short answer to this is that you can’t. Your potential employer needs to do this on your behalf and it’s a vital step in the recruitment process. In doing so, they’ll get one of various governmental organisations to perform a background check on you.

Maintaining your security clearance is very important. While some clearances last as short as the project you’re working on, others last up to ten years. Your employer will oversee renewing it for you, so you don’t have anything to worry about, but you will need to keep the government updated about changes in personal circumstances, however.

Where Can You Find A Shipbuilding Job With Security Clearance?

Finding a job with a security clearance doesn’t need to be difficult. As a former member of the armed forces, you may already have this, making it easy to apply for certain jobs and trades. That’s especially true in the marine and engineering sectors, but you could need this for ship refit roles and as mechanics.

If you don’t have this, then SLR Recruitment is more than happy to help. Not only do we help you with your security clearance, but we work with a range of companies looking for service leavers like you. We’re confident we can help you with your career transition and help you reach your new horizons.

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