Why security cleared personnel are so sought after

01 Jan 2022

Why security cleared personnel are so sought after

There are lots of jobs available on the market right now, but how many of them are really suited to someone who has been in the armed forces? Getting a job isn’t always the easiest process in the world, and it might be true that you could benefit from partnering with an agency who knows how to use your previous skills to your advantage.

One of the desirable traits that you are going to have is that you have inherent security clearance from your time serving. This is a highly sought after attribute of a candidate in the marine industry for a lot of projects, but why?

Shortens The Hiring Process

One of the reasons that it is so sought after is because it shortens the hiring process. Instead of having to have a candidate go through and obtain the correct level of clearance to be able to do the job, it’s already there. All that has to be done is the clearance needs to be verified by the potential employer. This makes the process to get someone onboard so much quicker, which is desirable when there is a project that needs working on as soon as possible.

More Sensitive Jobs Can Be Filled

There are a lot of jobs in the marine industry that involve information that cannot be shared or known by anyone who does not have at least a certain level of clearance. However, finding these people isn’t the easiest thing for personnel recruiters in the marine industry. As someone who has security clearance due to your time in the armed forces, you may be able to fill in one of these sensitive positions without having to delay. This is a huge benefit to recruiters, meaning that they are more likely to hire you.

Essentially, you are going to be able to complete the jobs that nobody else is able to complete as they would not be able to access the information needed. Shipbuilding and other marine careers are some of the most common that require some level of clearance, which is why it is such a great industry to consider if you are coming out of the armed forces.

Trustworthy And Good Behaviour

To have security clearance, you have to be a trustworthy individual who is consistently exhibiting good behaviour. If a recruiter sees that you have clearance, it is a safe assumption that you are someone that can be relied upon, works hard and shows up to work rather than slack off like some other people. As such, recruiters look for this to find the right person personality wise as well as skills wise.

Hopefully now you have a better idea as to why security cleared personnel are so sought after. If you have come out of the armed forces recently and are looking for a new position, get in touch with us today. We will be able to work with you to find you the perfect placement in the marine industry, making use of your security clearance