Why SLR is the marine recruiter for your shipbuilding project

14 Jun 2023

Why SLR is the marine recruiter for your shipbuilding project

We know there are bigger recruiters than us, but when it comes to understanding the marine sector and shipbuilding, there is no one quite like the SLR team for an exceptional understanding not just of the sector but access to a candidate network we nurture and who return to us time and again.

This means we can adapt skilled labour needs to suit projects in shipyards across the UK.

Having a marine-specific recruiter with a small dedicated, and growing team means that the Production Directors, Contract Managers, and Project Managers that approach us for their labour needs receive a personalised service. This not only delivers the skilled tradespeople they need, but the conversations also take place over multiple projects with the same individual meaning that you do not have to explain your needs and how you work repeatedly – we’ve got you.

All right, we’re just going to come out and say it:

“We are your marine recruiter dream team!”

Sarah Roads 

What can we say about our incredible founder and CEO Sarah, with over a decade of experience working for other people within recruitment for the marine sector, Sarah set up on her own so that she could apply her passion and expertise to the sector she had fallen in love with.

Sarah Roads is dedicated, tenacious and completely transparent. It means over the years. She has built relationships with clients that know she can be relied on to deliver when they are up against it.

Samantha Burr

SLR would not be where it is without incredible Sammie. Much like Sarah. She started her career on the water and applies that passion to every single one of our clients and candidates, transparency and honesty translate into everything. With Sammie managing their project needs, our clients know they are truly cared for whenever they communicate with her.

Tatum Isaacs

Joining the SLR team in 2022, Tate has thrown herself headlong into recruitment and the marine industry. She simply has the knack for building relationships and a genuine bubbly personality that runs through everything she does for our clients.

Emily Hanks

Emily joined the SLR family in 2022, with no prior experience in recruitment. She has truly risen to the challenge and dedicates herself to the clients, candidates, and the team.

The exceptional way that the SLR team pull together for all our clients and candidates sets us apart from larger, more corporate recruiters.

Every single one of the team understands the nature of shipbuilding, time, constraints, deadlines, and the peaks and troughs that go together with these projects.

All our valued clients know that they can pick up the phone and connect the name of the person they are speaking with to the relationship they have built. We are rightly proud of our team and absolutely love serving the shipbuilding sector.

There is simply nothing like being a marine recruiter!! Under pressure with your shipbuilding project? Get in touch today to have skilled labour onsite when you need them.