Why SLR stands apart in marine recruitment

25 Aug 2022

Why SLR stands apart in marine recruitment

Have you completed your career in the armed forces? Are you actively searching for your next challenge? Or perhaps you’re a business owner specialising in the maritime industry and are looking for skilled, competent, and experienced workers to help your business expand and progress? Here at SLR Recruitment, we pride ourselves on being the missing link between you and the opportunities that await. We offer end-to-end recruitment and consultancy solutions, matching the right candidate to the right position. Our end goal is to provide opportunities for ex-military personnel and skilled workers to respectable and hardworking businesses.

Our Clients

Are you a marine business looking for helping hands to pursue your vision and achieve your goals? We’re here to listen to your needs and find the right fit for each role you have available. We can help provide labour for anything from engineering to mechanics to ship refit specialists, keeping the cogs of your business turning and driving profit wherever possible. We know that service leavers tend to be some of the most competent, hard-working, and dedicated employees when it comes to a career transition out of the military and into civilian jobs. Not only are they absolute experts in their trades, but some even have special benefits such as security clearance.

To help find the right person for your needs, we will take the time to discuss your requirements, and your preferences and get a picture of the ideal candidate for you. This can range from qualifications you desire to a set number of years of experience and even elements such as character, ensuring a good personality fit for your workplace and way of operating your business. Finding the right candidate, the first time around can maximise your chances of staff retention and see you benefit from a long-term, committed and loyal member of staff on your team.

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Our Candidates

Are you a service leaver looking for resettlement in a new job role? We can help to identify your skillset and strengths and find the right position to open new horizons for you.  Specialising in positions within the maritime, shipbuilding and refit industry, we will be able to identify your transferable skills and ensure you enter a role that you are comfortable in and that will provide you with great ongoing opportunities. We have a range of clients on hand, varying from companies seeking welders to businesses who require electricians, fabricators, supervisors, platers, managers and more. No matter your level of experience or the level of seniority you’re seeking, we’ll be able to find something suitable for you.

Our team of recruitment experts will be able to listen to your needs – whether that’s salary expectations, preferred working hours or desired workplace environment – and match you to an employer who is providing the opportunities that will tick all your boxes. Click here to learn more and start your search.

Whether you’re a maritime business looking for staff, or ex-service personnel seeking the next step in your career path, we will be able to help. Get in touch and a member of our team will be more than happy to get your journey started in the right direction.