Why You Can Trust SLR to Help Ex-Services

09 Mar 2022

Why You Can Trust SLR to Help Ex-Services

If you’re an ex-service member or about to leave the military, you know that transitioning into the regular workforce can be daunting. There’s no clear-cut answer to where you can best apply your experience and skills. At SLR Marine Recruitment, we match services leavers and tradespersons with employers in the shipbuilding and marine industry.

If you’re ready for a career transition, you can trust SLR to help with resettlement. The following are just a few of our qualities that set us apart from other recruitment agencies.

1) We use a hands-on approach

We believe in working directly with people, one-on-one. By taking our partnerships with our recruitment candidates seriously, we take the time to answer questions you might have and address any concerns about leaving the military.

We don’t just email you a list of jobs – we work directly with you to help you find the perfect position for both you and the employer.

2) We tailor our services to the individual

Most armed forces personnel already have the qualifications, skills, and security clearance to work in ship refit, engineering, and mechanics. However, we fully recognize that no two candidates will have the exact same qualifications and experience.

Whether you’re exclusively ex-services or also have previous experience in the trades, we want to get to know you as an individual. This not only helps our clients find the perfect candidate for their needs but also ensures that we find you a position where you receive high job satisfaction.

3) We support you through every stage of the transition

Venturing into new horizons can be exciting, but they can also be scary. Adjusting to civilian life isn’t always easy, but we aim to make the transition as seamless as possible. We’ll be with you right from your decision to leave the armed forces all the way up until you’ve found employment that is the right fit for you.

First, we’ll look over and discuss your qualifications to help you understand which types of skills are valuable for work in civilian life. Then, we’ll assist you in putting together all the documentation and paperwork you need to present the best and most complete version of yourself to potential employers. When we find a client that is requesting the skills you possess, we’ll ask for your permission to forward your CV to the client.

4) We have strong partnerships with shipbuilders across the UK

We apply the same people-centred approach with our clients as we do with our ex-services candidates. By taking the time to talk to our clients about what they need in a candidate, we can match clients and candidates quickly and successfully.

By prioritizing relationships with our candidates and our shipbuilders, we’ve been able to efficiently and effectively deliver results time and time again. Our proven track record has resulted in strong partnerships with shipbuilders and ex-military personnel alike.

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