Will I be supported as I seek employment in civilian life?

31 Mar 2022

Will I be supported as I seek employment in civilian life?

Questioning whether you’ll find support during your career transition is a very common concern that many services leavers must face when they’re at the endpoint of serving the armed forces. Resettlement isn’t exactly easy for those who were a marine, worked in security clearance, ship refit, or any other jobs assigned while serving. While the idea of hunting for jobs outside of service, and stepping into civilian life can be terrifying, it’s important to know that there is hope and plenty of opportunities within the new horizons.

Try to plan ahead

The average veteran will spend longer in civilian employment than in military service by the time they retire. It’s strongly recommended therefore, to go ahead and plan for the long term while you’re still serving. This can be a real game-changer, plus it already gives you a solid idea of what you want and what you can do to achieve your career-related goals.  While leaving the service and returning to civilian life can be stressful, and even intimidating, understanding that it’s inevitable and planning needs to be done will greatly help with the transition.

What’s out there for veterans?

Veterans don’t have to worry about getting any support when stepping out of their military career. Just because one career ends, it doesn’t mean it’s an end rather a new beginning.  One of the most common questions that veterans or soon-to-be-veterans ask is “How do I get a job outside of the military?’, while it’s a reasonable question to ask, it’s also important to know that there is a hopeful answer.

All over the UK, veterans can get readjusted to civilian life within a matter of time. There are more than enough programs and recruitment opportunities around that are solely focused on helping veterans.

Can a recruiter help with my transition?

A specific organisation such as a marine recruiter could be exactly what you need to help you make a clean career transition back into civilian life. A marine recruiter is different than your average recruiter, as they have a strong sense of understanding of individuals’ military background and how that can be applied to different trades such as engineering or mechanics.

Plus, they recognise the fact that your strong points thanks to your military experience will be exactly what makes you an ideal candidate for a position. They get to know you and pair up your strong skills and experience with a position that allows you to utilize what you’ve learned in the military, so there’ll be no danger of being bored in your new roles.

Overall, getting a civilian job after your military service may come across as bleak or scary, but thanks to the help of a good recruitment team, you won’t need to worry. You’ll get the special care and help you’ll need to get a long fulfilling career as a civilian. So why not reach out to the helpful team of recruiters? They’ll help you get the job!